Be Not Afraid Of Donald Trump: Be Afraid Of The People Who Support Him
Abby Norman

Yeah, right…Gonna need that TPS Coversheet explaining why Hillary was bragging on audio(not hidden) about her time as a lawyer when she got off a kidnapper and rapist of a 12 year old girl on a technicality. Also, gonna need your feminist response as to why the women who were molested and raped by Bill Clinton are deathly afraid of Hillary if she gets elected? Both candidates have horrible pasts in regards to women so Hillary of all people should get off her high horse when she has done horrendous damage to all the women that Bill has been involved with. The only one she could not bully successfully was Monica Lewinsky and that was only because Linda Tripp knew of Bill and Hillary’s reputation and made her keep the dress with Bill’s DNA on it. Otherwise, Hillary would have painted her as a lying tramp like she had done so many times before. The nerve of women championing Hillary as some Savior of women’s rights us not just ludicrous it is painful. I am a father of a 13 year old daughter and hate the way Trump talks about women but this is mostly blowhard bluster-Hillary has actually Done horrible things to women who have the audacity to talk about Bill’s raping them. If Hillary only cares about protecting women who weren’t raped by Bill what does that really say about her? The repeated lies and cover up about Benghazi is what is most concerning to Americans because 4 people died and most likely the emails Hillary illegally destroyed-probably quite a few were to Obama regarding Benghazi. Why did they wait 13 hours to respond while our US Ambassador was burned alive??? Am I a racist or misogynist for wanting to know this answer? Is Hillary talking about Trump’s treatment of women as a Red Herring so people will stop talking about the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi? Heck yeah she is!! Just as you are. I am not someone who belongs in a “basket of deplorables” because I want to know why Americans died unnecessarily when US planes could have been there in 20 minutes! Obamacare is also something that millions of Americans want gone because they paid over $1.5 Billion in penalty taxes because they could not afford, “Affordable Healthcare!” You can keep saying Trump treats women horribly but ISIS gained a major foothold in the vacuum created in Libya during Hillary’s watch and Sharia Law in these areas allows women to be stoned to death if a man just accuses them of infidelity. This is what Hillary’s inaction has wrought-more women worldwide being treated as chattel. We should all celebrate Hillary’s victory for women right? NOT!!!😠