A Survivor’s Defense of Al Franken

You could change the name Tweeden to Paula Jones. Remember how many women came forward during Bill Clinton’s campaign? I may agree with you on the count of Tweeden being a willing participant and the Franken thing being overblown, but Democrats can’t really take the moral high ground considering how many rapists, and pedophiles exist in the Liberal bastion of Hollywood. Should the Kevin Spacey molestation of young boys be treated differently because he molested a boy and has power? Talking about “grabbing pussies” and actually DOING it are two very different things. Trump is a blowhard and a jerk but 30+ women have not come forward to say he raped or molested them. A handful of women decades later pulled what you would call a “Tweeden” yet you believed and backed them wholeheartedly without question. We should always question accusations of rape and molestation that comes a decade or more later, no matter what political party the accuser belongs to. At the same time we still have to be sensitive to the fact that the claims could be true. Having worked in Hollywood for 10 years myself, I can say from experience that Tweeden may have signed up to perform but it definitely does not mean she was comfortable with it or afraid she would not work again if she refused. She may not have been sobbing in the shower with blood running down her leg but the degradation women have to put up with in Hollywood to get ahead is very real. It is obviously not the same as a violent rape but unwanted sexual attention under duress (fear of losing job) should not be discounted because it is not as visceral as your graphic description of rape. On a scale of 1–10 of 1 being somewhat abusive and 10 being the highest, obviously your experience is a 10+ and I am terribly sorry you and many other women had that experience, it does not take away the pain that some women experience with a far lesser rating of abuse. Abuse is abuse and I agree that it should not be politicized but your article clearly does take sides and politicized it. Men need to cut the crap and stop abusing power in politics, religion, and Hollywood to name a few. I pray that women will heal and men will wake up and stop abusing women and young children.