Michael Dadoun, A Montreal Entrepreneur, Spruces Up Online Transactions with Upclick

Success of any business depends on the proficiencies of the leader heading the show. He has to gain the respect and confidence of his employees. Michael Dadoun, a Montreal resident, has won the trust and faith of all the subordinates working with him in different organizations. His leadership qualities have earned the admiration of his partners too. The employees and other new CEOs across the country look up to him for inspiration and principles.

Very effective champion:

Michael Dadoun, a Montreal born CEO of Upclick, is an ingenious and open personality. He has an exceptional way of expressing his thoughts and ideas and convincing the co-workers to contribute to the maximum by concentrating on the work without getting deviated. He has put all his efforts to get an answer to the lingering credit card payment issue and has successfully brought in a solution that ensures the online businesses will flourish without risking the consumers. This has vastly improved the e-commerce trading not only in Canada but the entire internet world.

Michael Dadoun, Upclick co-founder and presently its CEO, always persuades the traders to promote the online market as it has wider scope of business. Under his able leadership, Upclick has successfully come up with easy solutions making the payment processing system a simple and easy one. He is a model leader. Profits are not his only priorities. His ambition has always been to contribute for the progress of the country’s economy. He understands that the online market is the right approach for the country’s prosperity.

An ideal team leader:

The best qualities about Michael Dadoun, a Montreal entrepreneur, are that he never hesitates to listen and learn on things he did not know from his co-workers also. He is a quick decision taker and implementer. He is always boosting his subordinate’s morale by involving them in discussions and while taking any decisions. He never looks for scapegoats nor shirks from taking responsibility for any delays or failures. Similarly, he shares the glories with his colleagues on the successful completion of any projects.


He never lets his personal interests interfere with the company’s interest and looks at ways to improve the wellbeing of his staff and employees. Michael Dadoun, a Montreal based businessman, never panics, keeps a control over his emotions and looks to maintain a relaxed and tensionless work environment. He has the ability to understand when staff is not putting in their best efforts due to some discomfort. He talks to them and finds out their problems and tries to help with his advices and suggestions.

Michael Dadoun, a Montreal entrepreneur, is a well-qualified and experienced leader. His vast knowledge and ability to grasp the core problems and looking for all possible and viable solutions has won the admiration of not only his subordinates but also the respect of his partners. He always keeps a second alternative probable solution ready to implement if he is not successful with the team decides to try. He is also a board director in Lavasoft, LULU Software and many other start-ups. He has invested in the real estate business and is a partner in many upcoming properties in the US and Canada.

Resource box: Michael Dadoun, a Montreal businessman, has created many opportunities to transform the interests of the merchants in Canada. Michael Dadoun, Upclick cofounder and CEO, has successfully removed many bottlenecks and smoothened the e-commerce market.