Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal, Canada-Based UpClick Is Passionate About His Work

Michael Dadoun is the CEO of Montreal, Canada-based payment processing firm UpClick. A leader, who is at the top of his game, Dadoun possesses some very relevant leadership qualities that have been instrumental in his rapid rise to the top.

In the following section, we shall deal in detail with some very important leadership qualities that he possesses. These leadership traits or features are in fact common to all high-performing leaders who are the cream of the crop.

High Self-Worth and Self-Esteem

This is one of the more relevant and prominent leadership qualities or characteristics that separate a high-performing leader from a mediocre one. A person with low self esteem may possess other relevant leadership traits, but still fails as a leader. This is not hard to decipher, as leaders with low self worth will sabotage their own efforts with the negative belief that they are not good enough to carry the day.

On the other hand, leaders who have a higher degree of self-esteem are very effective in taking charge of a situation and have the exceptional ability to deal with disturbances and turmoil. A modern organization functioning in a complex and chaotic business environment can greatly benefit, if the person leading it has self-belief and immense confidence in his abilities.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of e-commerce solution provider UpClick, is a leader with high self-worth and self-esteem. His confidence, experience, and knowledge enable him to harness his self-esteem in a way that produces exceptional results for his organization.

High Performing Leaders are Passionate About their Work

It is important for leaders to enjoy leading. A popular saying goes that some people are born great while others have greatness thrust upon them. Leaders, who are forced into the leadership position against their own better judgment or will, are bound to perform poorly as a leader.

Exceptional leaders, on the other hand, want to lead people and give them a better life. They are excited about the journey ahead and revel in taking challenges head on. Passionate leaders get on with their business with a spring in their step and a vibe of passion, energy, and desire to do something new and challenging.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal, Canada-based UpClick, is a people’s leader who is passionate about his work, the organization, and all the people associated with it. A leader with tons of energy and passion, Dadoun brings a sense of destiny and purpose in everything he does.

Excellent Communication Skills

Sound communication skills is a must have for any leader who really wishes to succeed at the top. Leaders, who have been blessed with it, do an exceptional job of communicating effectively and efficiently — both internally and externally.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal, Canada-based internet company UpClick, is a leader with great oratory skills. A passionate and meaningful communicator, Dadoun spends a considerable amount of time and energy in honing his listening skills. He firmly believes that active listening skills form an integral and inseparable part of good communication skills.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal, Canada-based UpClick, is a confident leader and possesses ample belief in his abilities to successfully lead an organization. He has the ability to encourage and unite his employees.