Michael Dadoun, UpClick CEO, Has Guts and Greatness

The capability to take gutsy and quick decisions makes for a great leader. It is impossible that such a leader does not draw admiration from his or her colleagues and subordinates. Michael Dadoun, UpClick CEO, harbors this capability. A positive frame of mind can do wonders to you, professional, socially, and personally. That’s why UpClick’s CEO has proved to be a fine CEO, family man, and human being.

Lethargy has no place in a CEO’s body

A lethargic, careless CEO cannot stay in the top management for long… and even if he or she does, employees are not going to like him or her. People respect and like only those CEOs who have the guts to take a stand, can take decisions in the nick of time, and, mind you, these decisions need to be right.

Moreover, a lethargic leader sets an example of lethargy and, eventually, his or her employees, too, follow suit. This makes the entire organization laidback and careless, which is detrimental for a business. Agility and, at times, aggression are a must to keep the fire of goals burning. Michael Dadoun, Montreal leader, no doubt, displays the right qualities to run a successful business. He has proved it over and over again.

Excellence at the core level

One of the admirable things about this man is that his qualities make people look upon him as a role model. He inspires millions of people. He has a colossal number of followers. Aspiring entrepreneurs try to copy his style of working. They imbibe positive vibes from him.
Knowingly and unknowingly, he has directed many a businessperson on the path to success. His astounding success in taking e-commerce in Canada to newer heights has changed the picture of online trading.

Secret to the success of Michael Dadoun, Montreal based CEO

Michael is a team worker. Nobody finds success alone. It is team work. A leader is capable of leading only when he or she knows how to work in a team. This is not all. Leaders should also know how to keep the team motivated. There are times when motivation dips. A good leader can recognize the ‘low’ points and know how to give teammates a ‘push.’

Besides this, a successful CEO can ‘sniff’ out problems and ‘dig up’ solutions. It is found that most successful CEOs have strong intuition and they listen to it carefully.

Business goals first; personal goals second

A CEO who thinks like this is more likely to take his or her company to the zenith of success. Michael Dadoun, UpClick CEO, keeps his personal interests on the backseat. His focus is on organizational goals. This does not mean he ignores his family and hobbies. However, when it is time to work it is only work. When it is time to play it is only play.

Michael is known to maintain a fine balance between professional life and personal life. He pursues his hobbies with equal passion as his work. According to him, this is what keeps his sanity and creativity intact. Both are pre-requisites for good CEO-ship. A frustrated, emotionally unstable person with small ideas can hardly lead successfully. Michael Dadoun, UpClick leader, exhibits good CEO-ship.

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