Michael Dadoun, UpClick CEO, Talks About Effective Leadership

Michael Dadoun, UpClick CEO, understands the responsibilities that come with being at the top of company hierarchy. The chief responsibility is to offer effective leadership and strategize intelligently to achieve organizational goals. Decisions of a CEO influence how closely the company’s goals will be fulfilled. Smart CEOs don’t take decisions alone. They involve their workforce in brainstorming ideas.

Taking CEO-ship responsibly
Michael understands that running a web business comes with a set of complexities, challenges, issues, and tasks. A modern business needs collaborative and participative decision making. The CEO cannot take all decisions. He or she has to take the team by their stride.

True leaders keep their ego at bay. They don’t have the “know-it-all” attitude. They are responsive to ideas by team members. They are open-minded and willing to learn new skills too. They respect the entire team and understand the diversity in nature and way of working of each member. Michael Dadoun, Montreal based CEO, understands all this. He does not shy himself in learning new things from people.

There is a difference between arrogance and self-confidence. True leaders know where to draw the line between the two. No leader is invincible. The earlier and the better a leader realizes this, the more effective he or she will be in their leadership.

Building a favorable work culture
Michael Dadoun, UpClick CEO and co-founder, knows the importance of creating an inspiring work culture. Being the CEO of a rapidly growing e-commerce business, Michael knows that he needs to keep his workforce constantly motivated. Otherwise it might lead to a dip in his company’s productivity. Having a skilled workforce is not enough. They must be highly motivated too, lest they won’t give the best outcome.
No company works through coercion or any sort of bulldozing. It is run successfully through passion, empathy, values, positive attitudes, and integrity. Team members must listen to each other. More important, the leader should listen to his or her team members. Michael Dadoun, Montreal CEO, believes in working with a team; not simply giving orders or showing a “bossy” attitude.

Handling stress successfully
The web is a dynamic world. Cut-throat competition makes it stressful to survive online. Stress can adversely affect the emotional state of mind of a CEO and his or her workforce. High demand, tight budgets, deadlines, errors, data management, and other aspects of online business can create pressure. They drain your energy.

However, as Michael Dadoun, UpClick CEO, puts it: a CEO, who can sail smoothly through a sea of stress, can shine brightly in the business world. Well, his own example suits best here.

A workforce with high job satisfaction is found to handle stress well. That’s why it is imperative to keep your workforce motivated and happy. Ignoring their workplace needs and failing to recognize their efforts are two “sins” that many CEOs commit. Michael Dadoun, UpClick CEO, who has seen ups and downs of business advises CEOs to stay away from committing these sins. It can destroy your business. No doubt, being a CEO is a responsible task.