The Dream Merchant — Michael Dadoun Upclick

Michael Dadoun and Upclick are like two sides of the same coin. Each is ‘tagged’ to the other. This implies the inseparable connection between the two. The founder and the founded. He co-founded Upclick in a bid to find new ways to help customers bolster their e-business through best practices. He has strong financial qualifications having done CFA from Université de Montréal and Bachelor of Commerce in International Finance from the Université de Montréal.

With a twin objective to bring Canada on the digital map and provide customized payment platform for e-commerce, Michael Dadoun of Upclick co-founded Upclick. This will give momentum to Canada’s e-business.

The nuts and bolts of e-commerce

E-commerce integration tools are used to collate large data. Data may be related to products and services as well as inventories. Different types of products that are related inventory. The orders are complex with various product mixes. Everyday there are a large number of inquiries that need to be handled speedily.

Michael Dadoun recognized that B2B is all about converting prospective clients into actual customers i.e. paying customers, thus completing the business cycle. This has led to what is called optimization of customer acquisition funnel. There are a large number of inquiries poured from the top. There are various intermediate steps in the process and a small percentage gets converted to sales. In internet, this is equivalent to converting foot falls into sales.

The next step is the payment options. This is where e-commerce was getting stuck. This was the real challenge. Michael Dadoun, Upclick’s co-founder, took on this challenge and worked out efficient payment solutions options. With his inherent interest in finance and trade he worked out 50 payment methods with all major credit and debit card players globally involving 20 different currencies. There is also an option of country specific billing. The focus was very clear:

- Optimizing customer acquisition funnel
- Monetization i.e. payment platforms

Mix of experience and vision

To tackle the above tools of e-commerce, it can be achieved with software and programing skills. And he employed the best techies in the field. But it is the bottom line or ROI that matters. Michael Dadoun of Upclick’s knowledge of internet marketing was put to good use that brought success. This includes social media marketing, online advertising, landing page optimization, conversion rate optimization, etc. Because of this he always viewed things from the customer’s perspective. The vendor using Upclick has a clear idea of the process and knowledge of marketing tactics. The programs are easily transferable through disks and pen drives.

All e-tailers deal in different types of products, it must have the right systems to tackle the leads generated, foster relationships with an eye to convert them into paid customers. The e-commerce businessmen are indebted to Michael Dadoun of Upclick for simplifying this intricate maze of internet business by offering simple but effective tools in a package easy to install.

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