What Makes Michael Dadoun the Gem of Upclick?

Michael Dadoun, UpClick CEO and Co-founder, is a role model for CEOs. He shows how confidence in oneself and on employees can lead a company to the zenith of success.

Virtues that make a great CEO
Michael exemplifies a disciplined approach towards work and a cordial attitude towards employees. He maintains stability and uniformity within the company in terms of deportment. His motto is to keep employees motivated so that they create an upward curve in productivity.

It is unfortunate for any CEO to spend valuable business hours solving employee issues. A company does not come into existence for this. It exists to do business. It requires skill and smartness to maintain ethics and enthusiasm among employees so that everybody in the company spends valuable time working, not confronting each other.

Michael, with his excellent interpersonal skills, has managed to create a workforce, which is eager to put in devoted hours towards achieving company’s common goals.

Don’t break; make
The mindset of a CEO should be designed to make, not break. According to Michael Dadoun, Montreal based CEO, you must try to make your workplace employee-friendly. You shouldn’t break their morale. This is one of the biggest mistakes a CEO can commit.

If you want to break something, break a record of success in the market.

Advice for CEOs from Michael Assouline
When working with people be patient. They are human beings, not machines. You cannot expect them to be molded completely as you wish. Each employee has his or her own set of moods, style of working, and a unique personality. Each one gets motivated differently. Some could be thick-skinned, while some could be extra sensitive.

That’s why human resource management is regarded as an important department in a company. It is not for nothing that people have created a department dedicated solely to the workforce. CEOs know that workforce is one of the most valuable assets of their company. They spend money on recruiting the best human resource personnel who can keep their workforce happy and motivated.

Perhaps one of the reasons for the astounding success of Michael Dadoun when heading UpClick is his outstanding human resource management.

It is important to respect your workforce and recognize their hard work. Your employees are the ones who will, under your direction, take your company to success. Incentives contribute incredibly well in creating a healthy work environment.

Assertion is yet another virtue for a CEO. People hardly want to follow weaklings. Show confidence in your voice, body language, and deeds. Only then can you expect your workforce to follow suit. There could be a fine line between imposing something on somebody and asserting something. CEOs like Michael Dadoun maintain the line splendidly. It shows in their success spells.

At the end of the day, productivity counts. As long as your business is moving ahead, fine. Plateaus are dangerous for ambitions. Dreams often stagnate there. A company can not only taste, but also relish success with combined efforts of the CEO and the workforce. Success is the result of teamwork, no doubt. Nobody succeeded alone.