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“The whole global warming thing has become an absolute fiasco for the left…” Yeah, sure it is, but only if you’re mentally incapable of finding your buttocks with both hands! What a mindset, it’s all about winning, not at all about doing what’s correct, or decent, or ethical. The bereft right can blather all they want but I’ll ALWAYS go with the scientific evidence, especially when it’s backed by the VAST majority of climate scientists that study this situation. I can tell by the usage of “global warming” that this person isn’t even slightly serious about getting to the bottom of what can be done. It’s climate change to the folks who give a damn, and nonsense to the folks who don’t. Yeah, I get it…Al Gore is fat, Hillary wears pant suits and Obama was born in Kenya. Hard to argue with such well defined logic. Here’s a little help in determining who to follow in matters such as these…Joe Romm has two little letters in front of his name “Dr.” and that particular designation lends him much credibility when dealing with complicated issues such as Climate Change. He has written books on the subject and is widely considered to be an expert on the matter. The person who I quoted above…? Nothing! Nothing in front of the name, no books authored with expertise, no credibility in the climate change community, no facts offered other than the usual right wing nonsense draped to look like real facts…NOTHING! Under the circumstances I’ll go with those that know and not those that think they know. The fact that I have to even type that is mind boggling to me.

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