The Devil is in the Details.

Applying to a job and not even receiving a response can be quite annoying. After pouring over your resume and comparing it to the job ad, a suddenly realization comes over you: that job was the perfect fit. No punctuation mistakes, contact information is correct, even the zip code of your references address is spot on. So what went wrong? Well, chances are is that that the keywords in your resume/cover letter were off. Keywords are commonly used words in job advertisements that should also be used within your resume. For example, if an ad stresses “CPA eligibility” it would be important to include on your resume that you are eligible with 150 credits to sit for the exam. Employers are looking for things that are mentioned in their ad, so it is important to list those experiences in the same manner as the ad itself.

I am currently studying Accounting/MIS and learned that there are a lot of very interesting opportunities that take away aspects from both majors. I thought it was surprising how technical some of the qualifications were merely for a staff accountant position. Many jobs emphasized “Security” which was not surprising in the world we live in. Unfortunately, in the MIS program, there are not very many security classes being offered. By I imagine that will change within the next 5 years.

Job Ad Research

I merely searched “IT audit” and chose the Minneapolis area to see what came up. I think ideally I would like to see what kind of options are offered abroad, but for the sake of simplicity, I kept it “local.”

Primary Job Ads

Job 1: IT & Compliance Analyst, Allianz Life

Reporting to the HIPAA Security Officer/Information Security Manager, the IT & Compliance Analyst is responsible for information security policy development and maintenance; alignment of policies and procedures, monitoring compliance with company IT security policy and applicable law; and assurance that IT controls are appropriate and documented accurately. Working with the Solutions Delivery Information Solutions team, Internal Audit, and outside audit firms, the incumbent will ensure compliance of IT controls and policies.

Job 2: Information Security Risk Analyst, University of Minnesota

University Information Security seeks an individual who will improve the information security of the organization through information security risk assessments, policy development and maintenance, and exception management. The individual in this role will assess the information security posture of collegiate and administrative units by conducting information security risk assessments through analyzing security controls and processes, interviewing subject matter experts, and reviewing various vulnerability and compliance reports.

Supplementary Job Ads

Job 3: IT Risk and Controls Consultant, Perdisco

Job 4: IT Security Analyst, Prime Therapeutics

Job 5: Senior Information Technology Auditor, SBS Cybersecurity

Job 6: IT Risk Analyst, RBC


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Professional Keywords

Risk, Security, Management, Standards, Control, Support, Assessment, ISO, Compliance, generally accepted accounting principles, documentation, regulations, PCI.

Most Essential Key Words

  1. Communication: documentation, technical, presentations, training, administrative.

2. Leadership: appropriate, facilitate, manage, regulatory, excellent, dedicate, senior, experience.

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