A Broken Generation

This article is to all of us broken souls, who have been disappointed by our parents, our friends, our pastors, our own selves. I have recently realized what has been the driving passion behind my yearning for a future Church a future faith that transcends the increasingly irrelevant and frustrating Evangelical norm. Those of us in our late twenties and thirties largely have parents whose poor choices in the 1960s and 1970s have caused us to experience the weight of their irresponsibility. We have been the caretakers for our parents in emotional, practical, spiritual, and psychological ways due to marriages that ended in divorce or in emotional disconnection in the 80s and 90s, leaving us to be the surrogate husbands or wives who are stuck in the middle of two warring parties whom we love.

If this is not bad enough, we have suffered the fate of the unfortunate emergence of young, inexperienced smooth talking preachers who have not lived life enough to even merit their worth in salt. We have suffered their follies, their false promises, their flattering words promising a better life that is full of all the bliss and joy that we have been longing for in this life.

What does it cost us? How do we get it? Give them money, buy their books, promote their products, wear their t-shirts and you will see. We are the ones who suffer these things.

I am tired of suffering silently. I believe we need to speak out as a generation who has suffered these things. We need to share our hopes, dreams, frustrations, longings for more, for a better Christianity. For justice. For genuine churches. For living faith.

What is your story? What have you suffered? There is healing to be received by acknowledging these disappointments and frustrations with the folly of our spiritual and biological predecessors. For centuries myths and legends have served a cathartic function. Today it is time to revamp the storytelling tradition and to share lessons we have learned. Whether it be through poetry, prose, thought fragments, music, or art, it is time for us to express ourselves in this generation.

We are the ones who can make a better, fuller future faith by just owning our pasts and moving ahead freed from these chains. Freed to be authentic. Freed to live, to love, to hope, to dream. Let’s be free.

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