This weekend I will release Warp, the start of a new MIDI sequencer project. (If you find this interesting, you follow @warpseq on twitter for updates).

Ableton and The State of Electronic Music Composition

There are currently two leading methods for composing music with computers in 2020 — GRID based “Digital Audio Workstations” (DAWs) and ones that are more linear. The grid based tools are more focused around live performance, but are also great for compositional use. These include one of the inspirations for this project — Ableton Live.

Despite offering the suggestions for years, Ableton didn’t natively support the concept of musical scales. Rather, you are presented with a piano roll interface where you can put in notes, but to play in a different scale, you have to add a “MIDI effect” to the track which uses a X/Y grid to remap certain notes. …


Michael DeHaan

Software, synthesizers, startups, photography, other randomness. Previously created Ansible and some other software things you might have heard of.

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