Vespene is 100% Apache 2 Now

So earlier I released Vespene using the Commons Clause license.

I still believe the Commons Clause is a valid licensing choice for some products, particularly when facing certain concerns about organizations (particularly cloud providers) who may abuse trust in the open source community.

For me, starting a project as an individual developer, I was worried about certain large organizations wishing to sell versions of the software and having a greater platform to do so than I would ever have. I had already decided to wave any sales restrictions for small consultants, but was worried about larger entities.

Ultimately, my concerns about this no longer exist for various reasons, so as I have promised, the license can be simplified to a pure Apache 2 license. This had zero to do with user pressure, but I don’t want anyone to spend even an ounce of brain cells on the structure of this decision if it’s not needed for what I intended to do with it anymore.

SO — Vespene is now 100% Apache 2 licensed, no Commons Clause.

Questions about using the GPL have come up, which might have been a good option for my original purposes as well (or Mongo’s new license, or AGPL, or …). My personal experience is that while in practice few organizations are nervous about the GPL these days, individual people sometimes are, and that sometimes limits adoption before organizational authorities are even consulted. I want it to be 100% clear, without concern for corporate legal determination or otherwise, that if you build plugins for Vespene, you own them 100%. People just understand Apache2 stays out of the way, for the most part, so I’m going with that.

Further, I’d like to reaffirm my original commitment — all release branches for Vespene will remain 100% public, there are no private branches of the repo with secret qualified code. The best code will always be available to everyone, free of charge.

Thanks everyone for their interest to date and stay tuned in for some updates about the recent Vespene 30-day survey results and upcoming plans!