Confused Why Donald Trump’s Message Is Resonating?
Benjy Boxer

I think this article is precisely why Trump is winning in the polls. This is gibber jabber to 80% of Americans. Can you phrase a solution, vs the cause, in a way that voters will comprehend? This does not do that. None of this data is new, none of it. Trump supporters are looking for solutions not more data that just tells them what they already know.

“Mexicans are a threat, I’ll build a wall and fix it”. “Your income is not going up because of China and Mexico, I’ll kick them both in the teeth and I wont let the elites stop me”. “Crime is out of control, I will give you law and order” Those are messages that many Americans get. (even if they are factually not our biggest problems) They don’t think the nicest guy in the world will do this for them, what they know he that he has power and he WILL do this for them. Them being the key word in the paragraph.

These people want a President that will do something for THEM. Not someone who will give lip service for another 16yrs.

People not effected by globalization, have been totally blind to this growing frustration in voters. Put me on that list, I’m guilty as charged.

Well, in a democracy, there is a price to be paid when you ignore citizens who feel they are not getting justice. From Trump supporters to Black Lives Matter sympathizers Americans that were counted on to give voice to these people (from Bush to Obama) have failed to give REAL voice and to get these people the justice the crave, and they are pissed.

So now it’s time to pay the price. They will get the change they crave one way or the other. Regardless of wether Trump wins or Clinton wins. If the federal government does not deliver justice that these people feel, things will get worse.

Trump supporters don’t care about facts. I don’t see where most supporters of BLM do either. And that is all this article has is facts. What it lacks is action that Trump supporters believe will actually happen.

What both groups are looking for is change and NOW. Not more facts that they don’t believe anyway.

That said, the data is interesting and relevant. Had government leadership been talking about this for the past 16yrs voters would feel very differently. But our current leaders (Bush2 and Obama) give nothing more that occasional lip service to any of this and have absolutely not shown voters empathy, passion or results. So now we will see what happens in a democracy when the middle class have been scorned and a leader has given voice to that scorn. I don’ t see this ending well…

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