Commentators are needlessly complicating the story behind populist candidates traction in this…
Dave Chase

Mr Chase -

While i have no doubt that you are correct, unless this is articulated to voters in a language they understand your point and data is totally irrelevant.

I would advice that the Clinton campaign focus it’s campaign rhetoric on how universal health care can be implement in the very short term and how it can impact Trump supporters lives. If she does not hit this issue as hard as Trump hits trade policy then Trump supporters hear universal health care as nothing more than an empty promise from Clinton. And frankly, i think they are right. Clinton won’t deliver on it any more than Obama did.

If Trump wins he will bring with his victory a mandate on trade that members of congress will either deliver on or find themselves not re-elected. Reagan was brilliant at this. It can be done.

Clinton could be elected with Universal Healthcare as her mandate, if she was willing to risk winning on this issue. But she is not.

It will never happen with Clinton. Universal Health care, to her, is just something to give lip service to. Nothing but a talking point. How much time did she spend on it in her acceptance speech? (lip service)

She is betting her victory on what she knows and trusts. Cobbling together all sorts of special interests and outspending Trump (or any one else). And the result of that type of leader is more of what we have had for the past 16yrs.

Trump supporters are right. Clinton does not empathize and will not give them anything that they don’t already have. That they know.

Regardless of wether or not Trump wins, his supporters are not going any where. In their minds, thanks to Trump, Crime is out of control (though its not) Renegotiating with China will bring jobs to the US (which it wont) and Mexicans are a problem to our economy (which they are not).

These people are angry. Universal Health Care, especially if it is funded primarily by the top 10% or 5% or 1% of income earners is a game changer for Trump Supporters and Clinton supporters.

But to Hillary it’s just one of dozens of talking points. I’ll vote for her, but i am pretty sure she loses this thing.

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