Blog Projects #2 & #3

Blog Project #2

Format: Meme

Audience: College Students Compared To High School Students & Upcoming College Students

Purpose: The purpose of this is to show that people in high school have a class at about 8 AM on average and be okay throughout their day. Most students think it will be just the same in college. In truth it is the completely opposite. I sometimes feel tired waking up early to get to my class that starts at 9 AM. I feel that its purpose is to warn upcoming college students to be prepared if you had early classes everyday in high school that it is way different for early classes in college.

Blog Project #3

Format: Movie Poster

Audience: Movie Patrons, People Who Like Disney Movies, & People Who Like Movies Based Off Of Books

Purpose: The purpose of this is to advertise Disney’s new movie Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It is to depict a family that is not having the best of a day. You can tell this because in the poster you can tell the dad’s hair and shirt is messed up, the baby’s face and shirt is green from something, the mom’s hair is all over the place, the daughter’s dressed up what may be a character from a play but she looks sick, the oldest son looks like he is upset about something and has a Band-Aid on his forehead from something, and lastly the youngest boy you can tell today was not their average day because of his kind of puzzled and curious look on his face. Also in the movie poster you see a small caption that says “One day can change everything.” So by this quote on the movie poster you can tell that this day changed the family in some sort of way. You can also tell this movie is rated PG, is a Disney movie and came out on October 10.