500 Miracles! Hearts Know Things!

(Mike DePung — Post II.135–17)

Since I have been working on my short nonfiction book, I have been focusing on the life-helps I write about in it. Actually, the book explores far more than my beliefs. It gives guidance to those who ask the two big questions in life, ones that everyone asks, whether they admit it or not: Who am I? Why am I here? The whole range of human experience relates to those two questions for everyone who has ever had physical existence on this planet.

I’m still not sure if the title is going to be Discovering Self and Creating Purpose. I don’t know if I would have a subtitle with that or not. It’s fun deciding, but tomorrow will be the reckoning with my graphic designer!

Earlier today, I gave a quick summary of what I had been thinking about as I finished the revision. I’m going to quote myself here so my point afterwards has context. (Yes, I did this last night from the book itself. This is just from my “Pages” post today.)

“Who am I? A physical being, a mortal body, which contains eternal Sprit, pure eternal energy, as Heart. Why am I here? I am here to experience, to feel in this physical form the Universe of which I have been co-creator, and my personal mark, the flavor, the seasoning I infuse into this specific expression of Spirit, my Heart in Michael Foster DePung, is the essence of Discovery. [This is my purpose to live as Discovery.] My Vision is to experience the emotions I have chosen to feel by engaging in discovery. My Mission for expressing Discovery is through my exploration, observations, and analysis of life and to share discoveries with the Universe in my writing and communication skills. My Goals include my daily writing published in social media and my novel and this little booklet.”

Whether these components of awakening are specifically recognized in someone’s life or whether they occur in some other order is immaterial. However, without these, we can expect a life of resignation, unfocused and unfulfilling for very long.

People needn’t be a philosopher to know if they are living Heart or not. If enthusiasm and positive emotions are the norm and if those two questions are no longer questions, it’s a path of Heart. The more we become aware, though, the more enjoyment we will probably have.

Once living in Heart-energy, we just keep going. We should know what we want and how to get it, and we should work our asses off, knowing the significance of what we are doing and what we want to experience. When we do that, we engage the magic and miracles of the Universe. The Law of Attraction works for us and the energies of life gather round as needed.

The catch is when we’re in the midst of it all, we don’t realize a miracle is occurring. That’s when faith kicks in. We have to trust our Heart-creation: Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Goals. Just do it. Keep working it. Don’t stop. Execute day by day.

Then, one day, we will realize things have changed, realize we have experienced a breakthrough, made some great impact, reached a milestone, or been both blessed and a blesser of many others. And we will say, “It’s a miracle.”

You know how I know that. As I come to an end of this article, it’s my 500th. 500 of these blog posts in a row. I have no idea how that has happened because I could not have planned it, not through holidays, birthdays, charity events, parties — just no way. This is a miracle to me; however, Hearts know things, which is why it’s a good thing to follow our Heart constantly. Consciously choose Heart over Ego when conflicts of any sort arise.

What will happen from here on out? I don’t know any more than I knew this day would come almost seventeen months ago, but I will fellowship with my Heart and trust myself and know in such conditions all the positive energies of the Universe are for me.

500!!!! Woohoo!!!!