Are You More Like a Bee, Butterfly, or Crow? Don’t Answer That Yet!

(Mike DePung — Post 304)

Many times, most times, simple is best. Many people approach life in mystery and complexity. I know to a large extent, I did.

Those big questions of life I have often given here have really simple answers. While they may contain many facets and aspects of human nature, they really are simple.

Who am I? Get by yourself with no interference of any sort and with zero, nada, zilch influence of what anyone else thinks, no matter who demands consideration. You and your Heart. Talk. Ask the question. Keep asking till you feel it, sense it, know it., hear it. Yes, I and others could help you do that with some different techniques, but it doesn’t have to be so.

Then, many folks really get hung up on the second big question: Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing with my life? This one is even simpler. There is no big “out there somewhere” answer to discover. No deity holding it from us, making us jump through hoops to find it and then express undying gratitude. It’s freakin’ whatever we want to do.

However, I taught for too long to know the leeway that “whatever you want” leaves for slackers, but you know what I found with students? Leave the slackers and abusers of freedom alone and they will see truth for themselves or degrade or harm themselves. (If they start harming others, then I take a stand.)

So, here is the simple caveat: We do whatever we want to do that reveals, displays, shares, relates our core Self — the answer to Who Am I? — to the rest of this world. We choose, we create, and we live it. Simple as that.

And simple usually boils down to action. Before I ever heard or knew Nike had the slogan, my dad’s way of teaching was simple. Now, I accept who I am and the way my mind works. I analyze and synthesize, collect and connect, and I wanted Dad to give me rationale for doing things.

Not Dad. When it came to teaching me anything, he would show me the skill and hand me the ball, bat, rope, fishing pole, bike, bowling ball, paint brush, steering wheel, whatever — and expect me to know it. I would get so frustrated, especially when he would be disgusted with my attempts.

I know now why he was disgusted. I didn’t see then that I was sabotaging myself and his way of teaching. It was subconscious, which he may not have realized, but it was sabotage, nonetheless. I would screw up for some bizarre reason to show him his teaching was inadequate. I guess I wanted to be mollycoddled, lovingly encouraged, or something like that. He knew what I needed more than me.

So, I would get angry and tell him so. He would tell me if I didn’t want to do it to quit, leave, walk away. I would stare. He would show me again, look at me, and say (here’s the Nike reference), “Just do it.” Then, he would walk away, completely out of my range of sight or voice. I did it on my own with his brief example or I never learned it. That was best for me, and Dad got it. Simple.

So many make finding the answer to their purpose so complicated. It’s not. Purpose is only to live our own core Self, our Heart and our truth, in this world. Do what we’re good at and enjoy it. Boom! You want an answer to your purpose, that’s it.

The tricky part is not letting others, individuals, society, or even family, influence you, conform you. That’s why all the shouting to the heavens and all the bellowing to some deity about “Why am I here and what do you want me to do?” is ego, all ego. Stop putting that on anyone else.

Do You. Just do it. That is your purpose.

Now, I will say the Spirt of all, the energy working through everything, responds to our vibrational, life energy output, and when we really search self, we may receive encouragement or even magic because we draw it. I referred this morning to a little scenario.

We stand atop a figurative mountain, shouting to the cosmos, “Why am I here? What is this all about?”

A honeybee lands on our arm and starts picking at the fine hairs there. “Go away, Bee, I’m talking to God.” A butterfly flits and lands on our shoulder, a distracting occurrence. “Go away butterfly. I have to find my purpose.” Some stupid, noisy crow lights on the nearest perch he can find, looks directly at us, and caws insistently. “Get out of here, Crow. Can’t you see what I’m doing.”

And each one of those, Bee, Butterfly, Crow, had the message of eternal Spirit. “Be who You are like Bee, Butterfly, and Crow. Do what You want as that You. It’s right here, nearer than the bee, butterfly, and crow.” It’s not in a thunderbolt or college degrees or intimate relationships.

It’s in Heart. And that is a simple thing to know, but a knowledge that grows deeper, more profound, yet more distinctly simple every day we fellowship with it.

That’s my simple truth. Blessings!