Awakening: Epiphany, Process, and Fellowship with Our Heart

(Mike DePung — Post 341)

This next section of my ebook holds such deep, exciting, real meaning and experience for me. I hope it helps you discover core Self in an even deeper way!

Fellowship with Your Heart

This element of Awakening thrills me, mainly because it is the spiritual space I experience daily with my Heart, a time of fellowship, a sacred time.

What does that mean to me? More than anything, fellowship means sharing. I speak to my Heart, sometimes in writing, sometimes in thought, sometimes audibly. My Heart answers me in a distinct, honest, and loving voice. No mush here, just honest talk, evaluation of things like Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Goals. Development of gratitude, resolution, and a mindset of growth. Exploration, deep exploration, of beliefs and opinions about anything or everything. Judgment is never an option and never exercised. Encouragement, mounds of encouragement. Working through personal past in order to understand myself, an understanding that helps me identify why I act and react like I do at certain times, behaviors that sometimes are troubling to me, things that derive from shadow selves or family patterns or even deeper reasons — Ego things.

Heart does not pull punches — ever. Heart loves — ever. Heart judges — never. But all these things are learned through this process of fellowship. We will always be learning, growing, strengthening that relationship, and it is all internal to us. In some ways, it’s a mystery. In others, the clarity is unparalleled. Fellowship with the Heart are these sacred times based on everything we have ever experienced, thought, felt, or done — soul-mind-body — a direct insight into self from that true Self who arrived within, as part of and integral to our mortal body.

And Heart came for this purpose: to be known, be one, be light, be love and bring our whole being into Spirit life. Heart seeks to establish this connection, and when we recognize it, discover core Self, it appears as an epiphany to us, an ah-ha moment, even though Heart has been whispering, interposing, speaking to and appealing to us throughout life. Awakening is not only an epiphany, but also it’s a process, one experienced in fellowship with the Heart.

The personal nature of this makes it impossible to even suggest some formal procedure. However, I do have a semi-formal practice every morning, but that does not mean “Fellowship with Heart” is the first item on an “Action List” to be checked off. That would be like eating breakfast, ripping my stomach out, and leaving it at the table. I need it throughout the day; I need my Heart throughout the day. I speak to my Heart throughout the day.

In the morning, my personal writing involves a dialogue between my Heart and me. It’s rather like automatic writing when my Heart speaks through the writing. It’s distinct and specific and I really don’t know what’s coming. What I do know is never one time have I questioned or addressed Heart and not had an answer. If we don’t consciously choose to address Heart, we will get what we put into it.

When I speak to my Heart, meditate with Heart, work in conscious connection with Heart, I know I have a super power energy coursing throughout my whole being. I grow in the experience and knowledge of this power every day. It connects me with the energies of life, those vibrational frequencies coursing through the Universe, those which we may learn to detect in ourselves, cultivate in ourselves, and use through the power and agency of Heart. These give us the ability to access, create, and practice the magic and miracles in this Universe. I expect them, have experienced them, and learn to produce them.

When in fellowship with my Heart, I also learn to release old Ego patterns, responses, and longings. The Heart operating system works in dramatic contrast to Ego. Ego isolates and protects. Heart connects and expands and risks in order to grow and experience the fullness of eternal Spirit; I am, because of Heart, divine. And so are you.

Consider these questions; they may help you discover the wonder of You:

When and how often do I speak directly to my Heart, not just a fleeting thought but a conversational or even insistent tone?

How much time do I leave to actually listen for an answer?

What ways might my Heart answer me? (I write, so my Heart and I have worked through that medium. Yours may work through elements of your Vision and Mission.)

How do you remember or record your conversations? (As with every one of these elements, there is no right or wrong for any of this — just askin’ !)

How much time do I leave for quiet, definite meditation? (More is not necessarily better; three minutes focusing on your breath with an awareness of your Heart can produce amazing life changes. Your Heart knows the reality of life energies, and meditation based on that refreshes me. Search YouTube for “Chakra Meditation Balancing and Healing” and find even a 10 minute guided meditation — just listen and breathe.)

Speak to Heart and know that fellowship. This is exciting, enlightening, and the continuing process of Awakening, one that manifests magic, miracles, peace, light, and love that comes from unity with eternal Spirit. Boom!