Create, Evaluate, Discover!

(Mike DePung — Post II.137–17)

Tonight’s post is definitely going to be short. I’m tired, it’s late, and I have a few quick points to make.

I met with my editor today after conferring with my graphic designer yesterday, so tomorrow in my other social media platforms, I will be requesting input for titles to my book. I have written and posted on IG and FB, offering what I hope has been valuable. After 502 days, I get an ask, to be followed by more when my book is published.

Do you know why I seek to offer value? Despite the previous paragraph, it is not to be able to ask you for things. At some point, though, we need to be involved in a mutual relationship, which is a reality with a few of you. Beyond that, I seek to offer value because you are valuable to me. Yes, you, whoever is reading this.

Do you know why you’re valuable to me? Because we’re all in this together — that’s why. In this dynamic called life, we are social creatures. If everyone realized the value of a human being, we would not have all the misery and degradations that some heap on others. However, I’m not examining these issues tonight.

Today was the first time in all of these hundreds of thousands of words I’ve written that I was actually challenged about my practical philosophy — at least I feel it’s practical. My editor told me flat out that he neither understands nor agrees with what I propose about life and the psychological and emotional composition of a human being.

This was extremely beneficial because it made me think through the fact that I, perhaps, have not emphasized very much. What I share is my personal truth. I have written about many topics, applying my personal truth about the Ego-Heart operating systems and how I see them applied to life in many facets and expressions. In fact, in my book, I explain how I personally see all of history and human behavior in the light of these forces within us. It is a metaphysical view, which I don’t mention much, but I think my writing makes my explorations and personal discoveries relatively simple.

What I have not done is insist that people have to “believe” the way I believe. I have shared that if people are searching or unhappy or some state in between that my view of life provides a framework they may be able to use, one which can provoke thought and their personal discoveries.

I have not sought to establish some systematized philosophy. Please understand that. I offer my personal truth in the context of my purpose and mission. I want to stimulate exploration and discovery not only in intra- and interpersonal relationships, but also I wish to excite people about physical wonders of the Earth and Universe, about examining innumerable expressions in all the arts, about the works and artifices of humanity, our history and the possibilities for our future. My personal truth, my understanding of how we arrive here with Ego and Heart allows me to make my own discoveries in all of these areas. It thrills me to think about life through this lens.

However, I don’t need you to buy into my terminology or conclusions at all. I only want you to enjoy life. I think I make a case for that; however, as Walt Whitman said, the reader has as much work as the writer in making meaning.

Therefore, I do not explain systematized religion or other ethical theories. Commonalities between what I write about and what others have produced is synchronicity. I do not need others to justify me nor will I justify them.

William Blake, who I may be writing more of tomorrow, said in the late 18th century, “I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s. I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.” I create. Readers evaluate. And my burning desire is we both continue to discover.

Blessings in the joy of discovery in your life!