Do You Like Change? Bet You Do!: 1, 2, 3 — Transform!

(Mike DePung — Post 191)

Transform. Transformation. Transformative. Verb. Noun. Adjective. Action. Process. Description. A very useful word — to change form, a new form, description of the experience of becoming a new form.

So many of us mistakenly say we don’t want change, we don’t like change, or change makes us sick. News flash! Whether we want to or not, we engage in change every day; at the very least, we transform energy when we eat and move and live. It’s all perception. When we say things like we hate change, we create a false sense of life for ourselves, and that is something the ego can use to make our lives truly false.

Okay, I know the things we refer to when we talk about change: houses, jobs, friends, routines, but these are related to the larger principle of transformative change. I know that the mass of people want change, want to be transformed. Don’t believe me?

How many times have you heard folks say — or have you said yourself — that you wish you were rich, could move to Hawaii, could have that Mercedes or Tesla or Lambo? Yeah! Guess what — if you can’t afford those things now, you have to change something. You desire transformation. So, don’t tell yourself or others you don’t like change. It gives ammo to your ego to prevent you from wonderful things.

But there is something deeper than that, much deeper. We all, every one of us, somewhere inside, desire a spiritual transformation, but our egos hold onto empty forms they have constructed based on words we have told ourselves and beliefs we have created. Those old forms become rigid and reinforced when we don’t turn to the right energy source.

The energy of life, of the Universe, and the earth abounds. Every atom vibrates, and that means energy is being emitted, being produced. Powerful electromagnetic waves and mechanical waves are pulsing around, through, and within us. Within us? Yes, somewhere within, some waves — different theories about that — but we have a source I call Heart, a source that communicates with those abundant energies of the Universe, a source within us that can break down, implode the old forms that hold us back from transformation, the sort of transformation we truly need and desire.

Animals like my puppies sense those energies. If you’ve ever watched Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, you know how finely attuned dogs are to life energy. For the most part, I really don’t even need to speak to my dogs for them to know what I intend to do. It’s why we see so many fun, moving, amazing videos on the internet: dogs interacting with other animals they wouldn’t normally — hummingbirds, elephants, cheetahs; cats with natural prey like mice and rats. I believe that normal, strong animal instincts function analogically like our ego — preserving form.

However, animals seem to sense when another one is a threat or not. I have seen my puppies know instantly when a cooper’s hawk is flying overhead, especially my girl kuvasz, who is older. When her “little” brother was a puppy, a hawk swooped down at him — don’t know what he would have done with a ten pound pup! I know when a hawk is emitting a certain energy, because I see the other birds scatter when the hawk is just sitting on a branch. I know it’s all about energy, because other times, I see the hawk perched and the other birds act like it’s not even there. I get to see this often — my neighbor feeds the area birds, copiously! How do the little birds know? Energy. The same way a mouse knows the cat it’s sleeping on isn’t ready to eat him.

Animals seem to be able to read energy and break the expected forms of instinct. We should take a hint. However, it’s a bit more complicated for us because of Ego filtering and creating thought patterns and beliefs reinforcing forms that no longer serve us. Our brains work overtime and respond adeptly to input, constructing intricate frameworks many believe are their truth but are only empty façades.

We need to allow the energy of Heart to bring those façades down, if we wish to resolve those questions common to humanity through all our history. We desire to transform, to leave behind empty shells of form and function that hold us back from evolutionary and revolutionary growth.

Most people sense an emptiness in themselves, a hole, a vaccuum that exists within. When we feel this, ego tells us that we’re in danger and must maintain our identity, hold onto what we have even more intensely, or come up with a “how-to” plan that changes circumstances but not form, or return to some previous era of life. Deep down, the answer is not in these things.

When folks feel emptiness, they will ask questions. Who am I? Why am I here, in this experience? Isn’t there some greater purpose? Those serve as proof of the desire to change, to transform, to enter a transformative phase of life. Old ego forms will hold us back from transforming into People of Purpose, People of Significance, People of Love.

The transforming energy of life lies within us in our Heart. If we allow that energy to demolish the the shell of the empty forms keeping us out of the flow of Universe, we will go through a transformative experience, be transformed, and live in transformation — an identity and truth of core Self.

Purpose, Significance, Love — that’s transformation! I’m all for that evolutionary and revolutionary growth.