Ego-Gas and Heart-Energy; Guess Which One Gets You Where You Really Want To Go?

(Mike DePung — Post 251)

I love analogies, as long as they don’t confuse the issue someone is trying to illustrate. I have a tendency to over-explain them by way of pointing out where they fall short. I did that this morning, but I won’t tonight. I’ll let the analogy of a hybrid car stand on its own merits, leaving you to see the limitations. I’m using it to make one big point.

Let me preface this by saying I know hybrid cars coordinate gasoline and electric usage and all that stuff via computerization. Here’s my use of the analogy. Imagine a driver zipping down a rural road, heading to nowhere in particular, and running out of gasoline. Frustration sets in. Buttons are pushed, randomly, wildly. “Why is this happening to me? Why did I get stuck here? What am I supposed to do?”

Suddenly, a voice is heard: “Please engage electric mode.”

The oblivious driver cries, “I don’t even know where I was going? How will I get anywhere?”

“Please engage electric mode. The control button is…”

“What am I going to do, now? I keep ending up in this same situation. Stupid car. Stupid manufacturers. I’ll never buy another one of these junk heaps again.”

Okay, you get it, right? My big point is this: Whenever those questions start welling up from deep within, we need to stop ourselves from engaging in the classic pity party, especially the blame.

Know, be quite sure, that when you start asking those questions, a deep, internal, eternal part of you, your Heart, begins answering. You need to listen. You need to not be venting questions of frustration directed at no one. Awareness, my friends, awareness. Direct the questions, the frustrations to your Heart and then listen.

As I develop the Grand Unified Theory of Humanity (G.U.T.H.), I would like to share ideas and concepts that will help people to discover that core Self. What I have described above is the first step in coming to know that portion of eternal Spirit that came with us into this deal called life. Our Heart is that core Self, our little piece of divinity and eternity. Why would we not tap into that energy source?

Some folks believe they hit rough patches and don’t need anything different, but they end up asking the same questions over and over. Ego-gas will only take people so far. Ego is limited. Ego isolates and keeps us in survival mode. It doesn’t, can’t answer the big questions of life. Ego is our basic operating system designed to get us by, not help us fly.

Turning to Heart, we can get the answers. They are within us, in our portion of eternal Spirit pulsing through these mortal bodies. When we speak with Heart, I think it’s a good idea to have some means to record the thoughts that you will hear in your conversation. Write it down. Heart waits, speaks, very naturally. I do it every day, and I write it down. It doesn’t have to be everything; we are all different. The important thing is to be aware.

Be aware of those big questions of life. Be aware that’s our cue to direct them to our own Heart. Be aware you will hear an answer. Then, be aware this is self-awakening, self-awareness. Know that Heart relates us and our longings and questions to the Spirit of the whole Universe, to the energies of life available to us, to others who are awakened, to, well, everything. Everything, that is, except for the negatives — blaming others for anything we can put on them; fearing to go forward in life; doubting anything will change. Heart leads us to know core Self, itself, and to thrive in that knowledge. How? That will come later.

Enough for tonight. The G.U.T.H. begins here. Without this relationship, the problems humanity faces are exposed. With it, we recognize the possibilities; we can look at the lives of those we admire and see, “Yeah, they knew this stuff.”

It’s sure better to turn to your Heart than banging your hand on the dashboard of a car that’s out of gas but full of electricity: Switch on Heart, Baby, switch on Heart.