Energy + Action: You’ll Get It, but Do You Truly Want It? Just Checking!

(Mike DePung — Post 208)

Over the years, I have come to realize self-awakening rarely occurs instantaneously. If it did, I believe we would have problems comprehending the value, appreciating the journey, and in turn being able to empathize with those engaged in their own journey.

The process of awakening to Heart, which means, in part, we may consciously choose Heart instead of Ego, does not mean we never hear or use our heart. I believe whenever I was passionate about a job and sought to excel in it, improve in it, and be excellent, it was partly my heart urging me forward. Ultimately, that drive for doing the best I could and finding meaning and significance in it led me to the point of self-awakening.

Just a bit of background here may illustrate what I mean. Many years ago, when I worked in skilled manual labor, I always sought to improve my performance and to institute better methods that worked for me. Even though I enjoyed seeing the work of my hands, I felt there was more and moved on. I used some of the schooling I had to work two years in the chemical industry, where I strove to be efficient and effective, but nope, that wasn’t it. (I’m leaving out pretty much here.)

Then, my ever present desire to write drove me to take advanced expository writing. Because I helped a number of classmates, my professor suggested I should think about education. Yep, that’s it. And it was for a number of years. But I wasn’t writing that much.

Well, look at me now. I feel my heart inspired all those leaps of faith, and they were that. This gradual path was akin to an evolutionary process, one in which I learned much. I now value where I am, although it is not so easy to know how effective I am. When I would restore an 18th century breakfront, I could see the results and collect my fee. Not so easy with writing.

And all of this brings me to another piece of The Fellowship of the Heart. Time to explore the gradual movement of Anne towards self-awakening. I continue from last night’s article.


Anne quickly took her mind to another place, to the day she had. She sipped again and picked up her pen.

Aug. 31, 2032

People say when one door closes, another one opens. I’m so excited about becoming a senior associate. Of course, it’s not a done deal yet, but when Paul Egan wants something, he gets it. Maybe I am ready for this new phase of my career. Maybe I’m like Paul; I’ve wanted this and now I’m getting it. I’ll have real power, real authority and be able to contribute more to the profession. I want to use the new materials technology in this project. Kathy and Ed should be useful for that — younger and familiar with newer trends. Hell! Right now I don’t really care. Do you hear this journal? I’m finally important. Will Eric respect me more? He’s been so damn mopey. He hasn’t even spoken of the possibility of becoming an associate with his firm.

Just then Anne heard Eric open the garage door.


That will do it for this evening. After I publish this tonight, I’m opening my formal doc to begin the new version of the novel. Rethinking my characters and their engagement with themselves and one another has been challenging, but it’s feeling right.

In the meantime, Anne appears to be enamored with the idea of control and importance. That’s fine if one doesn’t want peace and significance.

Choices! Consequences! How do we evaluate those in the decisions we make day by day? Know Heart and choose well. When we stay focused and continue streaming energy and action, we should expect results. Make sure it’s what you want. Not right, not wrong, just consequences. That’s it!