Expanding the Basics of G.U.T.H.: Why We Exist!

(Mike DePung — Post 288)

Over the last 10 months, I have addressed a wide variety of topics, all of them through the filter of my own Heart. Through the articles, I have shown how Heart works in relation to life: the arts, social issues, politics, history, psychology, philosophy, education. Obviously, I am not an expert or degreed in all of these things, but I am an expert in my Heart and in reading life energies.

What is the reality for any of us when it comes to our own lives? We know best; the energy of our own Heart speaks to us — well, when we respond to Heart, and this is why I have worked to make sure this is unequivocally clear. We — you and me — are too important not to spend whatever time is necessary to calmly and thoroughly consider the workings of our own being. And all those areas of life I write about, the way I write about them, the filter that I apply — they are all dependent on self-awareness and self-awakening.

When I refer to the 10 Steps involved in spiritual awakening, I make the point that they, in some form, fashion, or order, fulfill the reasons for the existence of us humans as a race. This is why I have called this concept the Grand Unified Theory of Humanity (G.U.T.H.).

The Spirit of all life, of all that exists makes itself evident throughout the wonders of its whole Universe. Spiritual longings of humanity expressed in infinite ways — science, engineering, arts, relationships, so many careers — reveal we have some eternal component, some part of Spirit associated with each of us in some way. I have termed that Heart, since without our physical Heart we have no physical life, without metaphysical Heart we have no sense of self or purpose for existence.

Along with examining Heart, I have explored the function of Ego because remaining oblivious to and/or rejecting Heart leaves us under the control of Ego’s operating system. Ego does not bring anyone to knowledge of Self or sense of life Purpose.

This conflict, tension, and contrary nature of Ego and Heart create the spiritual formulas that reconcile human existence under the Grand Unified Theory of Humanity. It explains the wide array and spectrum of human experience and behavior. It explains the broad range of cultural, societal, and political/governmental expressions, because the experience of individuals are additive in terms of vibrational, life energies, and in fact, they are exponential when they reach a critical mass, which comprises group dynamics. (I think this is where there is an intersection and integration of the G.U.T. of physics and humanity).

Ultimately, I have developed the framework of the 10 Steps within the G.U.T.H. to simply help us discover our Heart, to find our way to our own Heart and then through that awakening to begin experiencing significance, fulness, and goodness of life. When Heart is consciously, purposefully engaged as our life operating system, we desire to find our way out to others to express the Spirit of Love we have discovered in Self.

This is why I analyze and write about such a wide array of topics under the revealing energy of Heart. These elements of G.U.T.H. interweave, relate, and describe the phenomena of everyday life.

Blessings for a spectacular, fun, gratitude filled week!