Fact Is Stranger Than Fiction: We Need Real Answers

(Mike DePung — Post 356)

Tonight, I’m going to share the next scene from my novel, The Fellowship of the Heart. It is related to the sort of ideas I’ve been considering here, especially informal conspiracies that engineer the way major decisions, both political and business, are made.

My hope is my novel, beyond presenting the social, political, and economic manipulation and duplicity of egotistical oligarchs, captures the natural simplicity and value of consciously saying yes to Heart, awakening to self.

Here is the further development of suspicions, friendships, and a very powerful conspiracy.


The next morning, Anne arrived at Paragon with a different energy. She called Kathryn and Edward to her office after she spent some time looking through some of their work. She also daydreamed a bit about her time with Eric the night before. Then, just a flash of a thought. Don’t speak here.

Anne looked around, feeling an intuitive alert. When Kathryn and Edward arrived, she asked them if they would like to meet in the courtyard to consult over coffee.

Edward had his latte first, so he went ahead and claimed a table before the morning break people took over. Some other employees had filed out into the courtyard on the warm, sunny day. Their wire mesh table and chairs were shaded by a large oak tree. He stood until the ladies arrived and seated themselves.

Kathryn smiled. “What a gentleman! Thank you, Ed!”

“You’re welcome, Kathryn.” As he seated himself, he looked at Anne. “What can we do for you, Ms. Lafarnge?”

Anne smiled. “Ed, we have worked on this project for months. You still can’t bring yourself to call me Anne?”

He had to squint as some errant sunlight focused on his face through the leaves of the tree. “Okay, Anne. Why did you want to see us? Have we overlooked something?”

“No, absolutely not. In fact, quite the opposite. I wanted to tell you I have looked over all of the plans, and your work is amazing. Before I spoke to anyone else, I want you to know that I am going to recommend we pursue, really pioneer, using the alternative materials proposals. I will let the other associates know you both are responsible for this.”

Kathryn’s eyes widened. “Are you sure, Anne? Have you double-checked our work? We were so close to it that we need an independent evaluation.”

“I finished looking over things this morning. No doubts. It’s solid. Is this okay with you.”

Edward smiled, which made both of them smile, too. “Anne, this is so exciting. I feel like it’s the first time in five years anyone even knows I’m working here. Kathryn and I feel like this has been the first time we have had an opportunity to act in a full professional capacity. But it’s because of you, the way you encouraged us.”

Kathryn nodded. “Absolutely, Anne. I couldn’t agree more. Your leadership has been phenomenal.”

“Thank you both, but you did the professional part, the nitty gritty engineering. I want you to have the recognition, but I wanted to ask you first. I’m not sure what it may mean for you professionally.”

Kathryn sipped her cappuccino before she spoke. “Anne, this may seem like an odd question, but was there any reason you wanted us to meet out here.”

“Funny you should ask, Kathy. It was just a flash of a thought, but I felt like, well, I don’t know what I felt. It was just a few words: Don’t speak here. So I felt better just leaving my office. And it is odd you would ask. Why did you?”

Kathryn looked much more collected than her tone and words. “Well, I felt something this morning, too, and I think it’s because Stan Boyle asked me if I had kept track of time on the development of the alternative design project.”

“What did you tell him?”

“I told him Ed and I had done a lot of the work on our own time, so I couldn’t be sure.”

“How did he react?”

“Very matter-of-factly, like it was just a common question. Did I say anything wrong?”

“No, Kathy, you didn’t, but it puzzles me that Stan would be asking you about that considering we are ahead of schedule anyway. but why did you ask about meeting out here?”

“Don’t even try to look because we will be noticed, but Stan and Mr. Egan have been watching us from Mr. Egan’s office ever since we sat down.”


“Stan, what is Anne doing with them? I’m concerned about that goddam alternative materials shit.”

“Paul, I’m not sure. I’ve had her office bugged for a week since we found out how advanced their plans are.”

Paul stepped back from the window but still stared. “Stan, I told you to keep this under control.”

“I have, Paul. You know everything I do, including how much company time they have spent on it. There is no way I could have inserted myself more without arousing their suspicion.”

“Well, it looks like their suspicions are aroused anyway.”

Stan sat down in a nearby chair, and he watched Paul’s intense interest at the little group outside. “Paul, how do you know they are doing anything like that? Why are you so uptight about the three of them having coffee during break?”

“Just intuition, Stan. It wouldn’t hurt you to tune in to yours.”

Stan frowned. “Okay, Paul, I get that, but why are you so opposed to their work? From an engineering and profit standpoint, it’s brilliant. Not to mention if we pioneer this, our engineering environmental impact studies would be smooth sailing.”

“Stan, I’m going on my intuition here and letting you in on a deeper secret, one that I hope will help you wise up.”

Stan continued to frown. “Look, Paul, maybe I’m not your guy. Yes, I want to move up, but you are sounding obsessed with this. I mean, you’re actually spying on one of your senior associates, someone who in all reality is a better engineer than I am. What gives with all this cloak and dagger act? Are you sure you want me working this? I know what your hopes are, but do you really believe you can engineer political elections?”

“Too bad, Stan. Now, you have no option. You understand a little too much. I know you are smart, but you ask too many questions. You are our ‘guy’ as you put it.”


Please remember this is a first draft! Also, remember such scenarios are neither far-fetched nor unrealistic. Horrible things have happened in the modern world because of willful ignorance.

Not everyone’s Heart works with them to respond to exposing problem people, the really big problem people who consciously and purposefully shut down their conscience, forge an Ego persona, and then believe their own lies about how what they are doing is in some way a noble, higher purpose. I will get to that in my novel.

Until then, I hope this insight into my thoughts and the raw development of those inspire some and lead others to discover the depths of the positive possibilities we as humans possess. Awakening to Heart is the single best response to the egotistical oligarchs I write about and the ones displayed on the daily news every day recently.

Know yourself, your core Self, your Heart, and live in the Purpose you create. Then, join with those drawn to you in the fellowship of the Heart and shine your Heart-light together, physically bringing the Love and Light of eternal Spirit to this world.

Hearts know things, and things are changing!