Frustrations? Apathy? Discontent with Life?: Doesn’t Have to Be So!

(Mike DePung — Post 198)

Sometimes, and it should be many more times than we do, we need to take time to feel, experience, and commune with Nature. In such times we have a unique soul, Heart, and Spirit connection, times we reflect, evaluate, and sense being in synchronous flow with the Universe.

Why would we require frequent times like this? Ego, for the most part, likes to keep us busy and engaged in noisiness, because then we conform, we go through life without dreaming, without hearing risky Heart suggestions.

A great Bob Marley quote highlights the need we have to experience Nature, which puts us in vital connection with the Soul of the World: “Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” We do that so easily — allowing life to just keep rushing past and unprocessed responses and soul needs pile up around our feet. There, they rot, unused, and our souls experience increasing emptiness and sometimes ugliness and stench. This is a choice.

Almost everyone knows we need quiet time, personal periods of reflection. Very few make such times, and even fewer do it as often as necessary. Herein lies the problem of not choosing to get quiet enough to hear the Heart: people are swept along by others, by others’ dreams, in others’ visions, and people remain empty, wondering why they are sucking oxygen here on this earth. Feeling purposeless, whether consciously or subconsciously, they grow tired, angry, bitter, or worse.

I want to bring a few more thoughts to bear on this subject, simply because I care about you. Before those thoughts, though, my Heart reminded me of two poems — short! — I wrote when first embarking on this writing journey of discovery.


Just Listening, Just Learning

Texture of life in suburban milieu of

Asphalt streets, neatly arranged neighborhoods,

Trimmed lawns — stamps of the order and needs of us.

Here in the midst, Nature thrives and Soul of the World communes:

Doves coo, sparrows twitter, cardinals call insistently, dogs bark,

Leaves of the trees whisper, and untended weeds prosper.

Nature, wild or tame, speaks.

Questions and Thoughts

I do not believe that every turning of a leaf or cawing of a crow presages some momentous event in my life. Sometimes for someone in particular significance may be found in some message of nature. However, I do believe that Nature speaks daily of patterns and possibilities of life.

What do I perceive of nature this day?

What are my needs for order, significance, or anything?

How does any natural pattern about me today answer to any of these needs or give me insight into myself?

Hush, My Soul

This seductive Sunday morning echoes with

Church bells — a slightly muffled ring, a recorded ring —

In former days a call to prayer — when done with actual bells —

A call to quiet reflection — the meanings,

Purposes, possibilities, and creations of life.

Today my first thought, as many think, I’m sure,

“I wonder what time it is.”

We should hear, “Slow down!”

Questions and Thoughts

What can serve as my church bell, a reminder that I need to daily reflect on the meanings, purposes, and expansion of my spirit?

Have I silenced my Heart so much that I cannot hear it speak to me the language and soul of the Universe? Why do I do that? Why do I let so much other noise occupy my mind, suborn my thoughts, and urge me to frenetic activity?

How may I slow down? What should I do that will slow down my thoughts enough each day in order that I may be able to work efficiently and effectively the rest of my day?


I have left the questions after the poems. They are there because I intend for this to be a workbook for helping others discover Self. You get them now, as a preview I hope will be encouraging to you.

Believe me, I understand and feel the same things you may be feeling facing a week of work at a job you despise, all the while harboring unrealized dreams. I have no direct, answers for every individual, because the way to manifest dreams comes through Heart. I cannot stress this enough, in case you have not read any of my writing. Unless you get still and get in touch with your Heart — a very real, heard, distinct conversation with your own Heart — you will continue to live in frustration, not continual, not hopeless, but the longer you go without that self-awakening, the more hopeless you will become, or just simply apathetic, which is probably worse.

How much do you truly care for yourself? Really? Then, tonight or tomorrow, no later, get into whatever slice of nature you can and speak to your heart and keep speaking till you hear an answer. Don’t make the excuse of not enough time. Not enough time for your own eternal purpose? Not buying it.

Oh, you have responsibilities. Yes, to your Heart, to your core Self before any others, and I mean any others at all. I think you are worth it, and many others do, too. I hope you think You are worth it, and then, together in Spirit we can enter the quiet yet dynamic Fellowship of the Heart.

p.s. — I wrote the two poems in August 2011, within a week of each other. Do you get the sense I feel this is important; I have been living and evolving in amazing ways these last five years.