Have Some Fun: Plan a Soul Vacation!

(Mike DePung — Post II.13)

Guess who finished revising and doing personal editing to his own ebook?! Yep, exciting, but that is the easiest part. And guess what else? I’m not really done.

Even though it’s only twenty-two pages long, I did what I thought was finish and realized I didn’t put in a little table of contents. Need to do that before I send it off to my real editor. I probably could have used an alpha reader or two and then some beta readers, but it’s so short and I’m so ready to get something published before the novel that I may just send it off, unless I run across some folks who wish to read. I’m not asking anyone in particular right now.

As I read through it and consider the tone, I am relatively pleased. I might insert a paragraph as a mini-introduction or conclusion (I have both of those right now) or just leave as is. I thought about this because I want to make sure anyone reading this absolutely, beyond the shadow of a doubt, knows how much fun all this should be.

There’s definitely a balance in the book, because the subtitle — right now — is The Grand Unified Theory of Humanity, which sounds heavy duty like the whole physics thing. In the short work, I simply explain how all of human behavior I observe rests on the choice and conflict of Ego or Heart as the primary operating system of anyone.

Coming to know yourself is a joyful journey, one bound up in epiphany when you realize who you really are and then process as you seek to live that core Self. Joy, love, peace, purpose. As I worked last night, I wanted to ensure the ebook was that simple and the tone that light. With that on my mind, I woke up this morning and was still thinking about it. When I spent my sacred time in fellowship with my own Heart, I thought about this analogy.

I’m big on analogies because I know how effective they are in education. Coming to know core Self is a journey. In the beginning, it’s like planning a vacation. Have you ever done that?! Whenever going to a new place, I always want to discover new things.

Oh, they aren’t like brand new, previously unknown things. They’re new to me. When I get some insight into a culture I’ve never been close to before like the Native Americans in the United States or indigenous peoples of Mexico, I get to see how life can be different — not better or worse, just different — and I love the diversity, the richness, the values others hold. So, when planning, I have a sense of anticipation and excitement; I know I will explore and discover something new.

Looking over information about a new place includes what things we want to see and experience. Lodging is chosen based on those points of interest, those things that grab our attention and speak to our soul at an emotional level, places where we wish to create some sort of connection with others or with history, places that resonate with the soul and stimulate the mind. See, I get excited just thinking about it.

This is the spirit and attitude that should attend the exploration and discovery of Self. Many times the experiences, expressions, or work of others make us look around and think, “Wow! I’m in a new place. What do I want to get from this?” And at this point, anything that resonates with your soul, pay attention to that. Enjoy that.

By the way, you may, as I did, find things that have some chords of resonance but others that sound in disharmony. Ignore those. Any people or organizations dealing in creating guilt, anger, and resentment in the soul are like those back alleys in bad neighborhoods in foreign places — areas to which outsiders should never venture. Get my point? No guilt, anger, resentments dumped on you by anyone else. You may have those and need to deal with them in your exploration of yourself, and that’s the way it should be. Just don’t accept anyone else’s creation of those on your behalf.

When we discover core Self, discover the innate and untapped power of eternal Spirit within us, we can start enjoying the vacation. How can we find the best spots? Ask questions of your own Heart. Discovery of all the points of interest of YOU takes a happy lifetime. Speak to your Heart. Maybe it would help to look in a mirror and do that. Or address your core Self in conversation while you drive, when you are going to sleep, waking up, or taking a break. Do it aloud or do it silently. It doesn’t matter. Just ask and listen and discover.

Plunge into the excursion you book with your Heart. I’ve written other places about this, including my ebook. You get to create from the discoveries resulting from the exploration of yourself. You get to make something new. You are not bound, hobbled, or handicapped by anything, and I mean anything. Your future is yours to create.

Enjoy yourself, your discoveries, your vacation of life as you plan it to have the experiences you want at Heart level. Heart always has it over Ego, so don’t be fooled by what anyone — family, friends, or strangers — thinks is “best” for you. Bon voyage!