Have You Met Your Best Friend Yet?! (Step 6)

(Mike DePung — Post 282)

We all, whether we admit it or not, crave connections. Literature fills volumes with that theme. Poets weave it into their verse.

We long the most for the connection with our own hearts. In fact, Walt Whitman near the end of his life speaks to his Heart, which he calls, “my Fancy” because that term indicates something dear, precious. He realizes how he has lived with that deep, intimate connection, and at first, he thinks maybe that connection won’t be there in death. This is my metaphysical analysis, and I think WW recognized that part of him was Spirit.

He says this: “Long have we lived, slept, filter’d, become really blended into one; / Then if we die we die together, (yes, we’ll remain one,) // May-be it is yourself now really ushering me to the true songs, (who knows) / May-be it is you the mortal knob really undoing, turning…” Walt valued the fellowship of his Heart so much he needed to assure himself in those final times they were one, that Heart was his true essence.

And this is what my Step 6 is all about, the realization of not that initial awakening experience, that epiphany, but rather it is about developing the trusting, sharing, constant relationship of a day by day fellowship. This connection runs deep — experiential, best friend through everything, make a call and never goes to voicemail, text and answer instantly, never a second delay deep.

I know. I live it every day. Does it mean I have everything I want? Does it mean I don’t have tough days? Does it mean I’m never down? No, but it does mean I have a part of me who is distinct from Ego and answers instantly.

It’s ironic, though, that Ego still has its sway at times, like the guy who calls himself a friend but always gets you in trouble. Some might think that’s fun, but in real life matters, not so much. It’s not like Heart doesn’t laugh and have the most fun, but folks who won’t face themselves delude themselves because they won’t respond to their own Heart.

Even knowing this, Ego is still part of our total being, and the old ego circuitry occasionally is opened when we toggle to it by neglecting to call on Heart. It’s like the bad friend is going to be always hanging out on the fringes, but the good friend will respond instantly if called, sending old Ego packing.

I have experienced this time and again, yet I still find it miraculous. When I came to the point of true awakening, it was joyful. It was like I became energized in every cell of my body. And it was like that because I had a new super-power energy of Heart coursing through my mind and soul. It became my primary operating system, my main way of processing and filtering life.

This connection allowed unhindered flow of sincere Fellowship with my Heart. It created an energy field full of purpose, significance, and love — and fun. Every day I want to discover greater depths of connection with my own Heart, which connects me to the Spirit, true unity, oneness of peace and in peace. This is Step 6.

And my encouragement, my desire, and my purpose in this is to simply tell you it’s all there, available every day for you, and all you have to do is ask, because Heart will, as Walt said, be “ushering [us] to the true songs…,” songs of the richness of the energies of life.