Heart to Heart! That’s What I’m Going for!

(Mike DePung — Post 246)

Look at this fine piece of writing! It’s powerful, magnificent, isn’t it? I didn’t know I could create such a beautiful piece. Here’s a pearl to behold!

The above scenario portrays a natural desire of those who seek to create. I re-read what I wrote last night about pearls and stimuli and all that stuff, and if anything, I said, “Just when I thought I was making a breakthrough, I failed.” I don’t know if it was clear or not.

I do know ego mounts a powerful effort to seek approval from others, to make self important, and to garner praise. My Heart had cautioned me to stop seeking to produce pearls of writing for praise, because I have a greater ulterior motive. That motive revolves around my life Purpose.

I seek to continue discovering aspects of Self, sharing those, and using my insights to help others discover themselves — their core identity and life purpose. I want my writing to be clear, and that should be my focus. Not some words overlaid by my ego with glitz, glitter, and pearly nacre.

Walt Whitman, in reference to the relationship his writing had to his readers, said this: “…the reader is to do something for him or herself, must be on the alert, just construct indeed the poem, argument, history, metaphysical essay — the text furnishing the hints, the clue, the start, the framework.” It’s not exactly what I’m talking about, but the sentiment coincides. I present from my Heart to the reader. The reader’s Heart must make use of it — well, the ego could make use of it, too, but I’m shooting for Heart to Heart! And I hope your Heart makes something beautiful and significant out of it for yourself.

No matter in what form the exchange occurs, it must occur if we are to live significant, fulfilled lives. We are hardwired to live in social groups, and when Heart is the operating system for individuals, we experience the greatest meaning. Therefore, I mean for my communication to enable you to discover more of Self, more of purpose, more of joy. And then, I wait for your Heart expressions to me so I may grow. Maybe you co-created a life purpose as a mechanic, architect, salesperson, or any of a multitude of possibilities. It’s a pretty awesome set-up.

When too many depart from that or have never engaged in that, though, society experiences ills and negativity. Many folks, maybe no one, may pay much, if any, attention to the stimulus I offer. But you know what? I am still fulfilling my life Purpose, expecting blessing to come about in some way from it. I have no other choice, nor do I want any other choice but that of faith in the design of the Universe and Spirit.

I know some will receive and add layers of beauty over the grains of sand I offer to stimulate discovery, layer upon layer of beauty creating flawless pearls revealing the beauty of the receivers’ Heart and the beauty of the fellowship of the Heart.

When that happens, all else — prejudices, hatreds, likes, dislikes, disgusts, revulsions — falls away in the light of Heart-love and life Purpose. People focusing on knowing Self and living their truth in their purpose don’t have time or place for such negativity, because they are too involved in matters of eternal soul worth and love.

I am filled with gratefulness tonight for our connection, our fellowship. Whenever you read this — as I write, it is a magnificent Sunday night here in the Midwestern United States — may it be a time of Heart discovery and happy blessings for you.

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