Hearts Creating Conflict: Why? It’s All about Love!

(Mike DePung — Post 207)

Okay, honesty here. I’m exhausted. I worked on the manuscript today, so that will be the bulk of tonight’s post. Who will Anne engage with to process this? Maybe this is where I begin journal entries. Yes, I think that is what I will do.

This is the way an unpublished novelist thinks!


Anne had a long day. She was looking forward to sharing with Eric how Kathryn and Edward had decided to work with her. Of course, they didn’t have much of a choice because had they declined, they would have remained glorified draftsmen as long as they worked at Paragon.

Eric, though, was not home. He had left a note for her:

Anne, didn’t know when you were getting home. I left messages for you. I’m at Land’s End. I will bring a sandwich home for you in case you haven’t eaten.

Anne opened her purse and checked her Holocom. “Shit. I forgot to turn it back on after my meetings.”

Eric would be awhile. She wanted to get her thoughts out, so she went up to the bedroom suite, changed clothes, and retrieved a journal from her nightstand drawer. She had started writing in it a couple years ago, and it still had only the first entry.

She took the journal downstairs, grabbed a pen out of the library, and went to the kitchen island counter. After pouring herself a small glass of port, she opened the journal and read the two year old entry.

January 1, 2030

I can’t believe that I’m still struggling with all of this. How can I be 35 years old, an educated and accomplished professional, and I still feel I should be doing something more important. Of course, Eric is wonderful and our life seems great — it’s just missing something. We both thought we’d have a baby by now, but the doctors have said that’s not going to happen. Eric is definitely being noticed at his firm, but at times it seems like we are growing apart. Why? What is wrong? I can’t even complain to Eric. It would look so petty and bitchy. We have this great house now. We have talked about adopting, and Eric wants a child as much as I do. But I don’t even know if that’s it. Here comes Eric now. We have our New Year’s Day planned. Just wish I knew what…Gotta go.

Anne took a sip of the port, then spoke to herself. “Wow! I forgot about this. Maybe the something I was missing is the senior associate position. I guess it’s not a child. We haven’t even mentioned that for a year or more.”


That’s all for tonight. I want to consider where her journal entry will go.

Hearts let us know when we are not listening. Emptiness of soul results from the soft, insistent whispers of love from the heart. Heart just won’t rest until we either reject it or awaken to it, and even when we continue to miss the messages, it just won’t quit. Thankfully!

Yes, Heart creates an internal conflict, but it is borne out of love.