Help, I’m Stuck! I’ll Be Fine, as Long as I Have You!

(Mike DePung — Post 226)

Sometimes, I come to places in my writing where I know it’s not right, and I have to work through it. Happened to me today. I know where Eric is probably headed, but I’ll be damned as of this evening if I know how he’s getting there. Same with Anne and their relationship in The Fellowship of the Heart.

Well, first let me share with you that getting stuck for a little bit has totally screwed up what I thought I would be writing about tonight. I hinted at it this morning when I wrote my morning pages. Eric needs a way to reconnect with his heart, i.e., I have to give him a way to do that. Just wasn’t working today. I wrote and deleted hundreds of words a few times.

Honestly, I felt myself starting to stress and doubt with a touch of panic. What will my evening article be about, at least what will I write that’s significant? So, what did I do? Just stop. It will come. No doubt. No worry.

I know I don’t have thousands of followers, hell, I’m not quite to 400 on Instagram! But I will say this: every one who responds day after day with those little heart likes — you have no idea how encouraging that is to me.

I read the business and social media pundits saying how likes don’t mean sales and what to do to convert those to sales. Guess what. I’m not selling anything and haven’t tried to do that for almost eight months. I will, maybe, but when I do, it will be writing or something I believe will help others discover Self, purpose, love, and significance.

In the meantime, those little heart hits make me smile, especially those who consistently encourage me. I really smile, big smile, sometimes a chuckle. I go to their pages and check to see if they have anything new. I love it, and that positivity keeps me working. I’m writing my two pieces a day, producing a pic and caption, and working on that novel and some ebooks for those folks.

Of course, to me that’s the reality I write about: when we respond to our Heart and discover core Self, we seek to make Self known as an expression of love to the world. And the little group of Instafriends makes my work even better. I already love doing it, but what would be the point if it didn’t create connections?

Once again, I will get unstuck. I rather enjoy not knowing and grinding it out and see what emerges. And I will continue sharing because I love you, whoever you are reading this.

I will end with these few thoughts. Whatever you are doing, do it from Heart, not ego, simply because when things don’t flow so easily, when you get really tired or run out of ideas, or when you get discouraged because it doesn’t appear you are making a difference, you can keep going. Why? Because love that comes from Heart discovery of core Self allows us to keep moving onward and upward as we grow and express our brand, our variety of love that no one else can give. So worth it!