How Valuable Are You to You? That’s How Valuable Everything Else Is!

(Mike DePung — Post 363)

Technically, I may have hit one year today! One year of what? Of writing and posting this blog every single day. According to my count, which you can see above, I’m not quite there; however, when I go back and look, my first post on is on February 3. Knowing myself, I probably screwed up the numbering trying to be careful not to fall short of my 365. It’s okay, though, because while I will evaluate some things and may make some changes, I’m still posting every day!

It will take me a few days to go through some of my reflections. (By the way, I will still be working on my novel rewrite even though I’m not posting about that for a few days!) I have learned a fair amount as I reflect over the past year, not only about myself as a writer but also as an awakened and learning person.

I know I’m one who jumps on ideas with passion but have a tendency to get bored and burned out rather quickly. I did not, do not, want that to characterize me any longer, which is one reason I determined that I would blog every single day for an indeterminate length of time. I knew in my subconscious it would be for at least a year.

Why a year? I knew that would carry me through all holidays, birthdays, social events, and annual charity commitments. I feel it says something about the value I place on myself and making core Self, Heart, known in this world because that is the best way I know to express love to others and contribute positive energy to the Universe.

365 days, no breaks, no vacations, and no repeats shows that I value who I am and what I do. While my work may not be Paulo Coelho quality writing, for producing 600–1200 word posts every night, it’s not shabby — and it’s filled with my mind, soul, and love. It’s an expression of my Heart.

Oh, that’s another point for tonight. Over this past year, my running document from this nightly post alone is close to 370,000 words, and that only starts at April 15, 2016. I would add in another 70,000 words for the two and a half months prior. Then, I do my Morning Pages post, which is a core version of my personal writing — always four pages handwritten total every morning — over 1,200 words a day, another 430,00 or so words for the year. In addition, I write another 200 a day that are different for social platform posts (60,000). You know what? This morning I said about 600,000 words for the year, but I didn’t total all this, along with 22,000 new words for my novel rewrite and 11,000 for my ebook. Yep, that’s pushing about 950,000 words for this past year. Okay, until this paragraph, I had really underestimated.

What does this mean to me? I’m filled with gratitude for the words, for the ideas, for my Heart and the Spirit and how all of this really works. It’s one thing to have sporadic, episodic examples of manifestation, but this is what all those great people experience who really live the law of attraction. I know the joy of focusing attention, visualizing my Purpose and Vision, affirming and reinforcing that day in and day out in fellowship with my Heart and the Spirit. Life energy flows to where my attention is and manifestation occurs. It freakin’ works!

Would I do this if I lived in total isolation, no readers, no responders, no encouragement from others in the fellowship of the Heart? Yes, I would, but I think it would be a lot harder. I will address this again in the next few days, because at times that has been a challenge for me, but I worked through it with my Heart. Even on some days when I would have no responses, I still knew I was doing what I had created for myself, and that holds great value.

Publishing every day through the blog and on social media platforms, though, has produced other benefits, not the least of which are two areas I knew I had to work on if I would ever be a successful writer: perfectionism and inspiration, which added together equaled procrastination. My response to those two elements now is “Bullshit!” I can’t write if I can’t be imperfect, if I can’t be me. And if I wait for some sort of mystical inspiration, some tingly sense of energy washing over me that makes all my hair stand on end before words start flowing — yeah, you guessed it: “Bullshit!” Bye-bye to perfection and inspiration.

I will say revising, proofing, and being inspired occasionally are necessary for me, but not every day. And there’s the reality of my work for this past year. I don’t want to live my Purpose and work my Vision just sometimes. What, two days a week, three, one week a month? What would be the number? If I am awakened to my Heart, I want that all the time, every day.

Does it mean I’m perfect as a person. Nope, no more than my writing is perfect. Does it mean I walk around spouting quotes that end up being plagiarized all over social media? Nope, I have challenges and difficult times, just like the challenges I face getting the words out sometimes. But you know what? I do it because my core Self and my truth are what I have to offer this world. It’s the best expression of my love, as imperfect, unpolished, or uninspired as I may be at times. But I want to do that every day, and I will find a way to do that every day.

I hope you will, too, for whoever you are as core Self and for whatever Purpose you have created. If you haven’t done that yet, that’s what my writing is all about.


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