Magical Transformations: Bad Days to Good Days

Do you know how a common, even irritating day can be transformed? I do, at least for me, but maybe I’m high maintenance. I need magic.

Oh, you don’t believe in magic? That is irrelevant to some extent. Magic is all around us. Miracles and magic — all around us. Nuggets of magic waiting to be discovered. Sheets of magic floating through the ether, waiting to be plucked from the air to be gently swaddled around us. Miracles waiting to be invoked by the magic.

Do you want to find the magic and experience the miracles? I can’t promise you anything, but I know that they have been there for me, are there for me now. In fact, I need some, but like I said, I need some every day — high maintenance. The Universe, though, is very cool; high maintenance is no sweat to infinite Spirit.

What? You must work, call the insurance company, take the kids to school, … . The pressing issue of your soul, though, is you must seek the magic and miracles of life. A big hindrance is the filter of our ego telling us all those musts are problems.

Why can’t the magic and miracles be in all those musts. Seek it; you will discover it. What do I mean? Maybe the poem below will help. Maybe not. But I know you have to make it happen for yourself, and the fact that you can is magical in and of itself.

Creating Miracles

Early morning, golden sun morning,

Blue sky morning, bird song morning,

Busy traffic in the early rush hour streets morning,

People walking, people jogging morning,

Dogs barking morning.

Morning tells me, “Rejoice today.”

I did not understand the morning.

When my student cancels our meeting,

I neither understand nor rejoice.

When I feel insignificant, non-contributory to life,

I neither understand nor rejoice.

When I think of all I want to do and erect limitations,

I do not rejoice.

I mowed the lawn and worked with a neighbor;

Then, through the cajoling south wind

Pushing and pecking against a boisterous north wind —

Summer and Spring playing,

Crow called for magic of creation,

Robin trilled for magic of new growth,

Mourning Dove cooed for magic of rebirth.

Their crisp, dulcet song —

“Blue morning said,

Golden sun said,

Dancing green trees said,

The Soul of the World invoked,

The Universe evoked, ‘Rejoice!’”

I heard, then, and I rejoiced.

Rare day, playful day,

Luscious day, golden sun day,

A significant day, contributing day,

Miraculous day.

Magical day.

I’m going to leave the emphasis for today right here. It must be your seeking and your discovery. I hope you see what I did to discover the magic and create a miracle. You need to have the mindset that the magic and miracles are there. The alternative has no odds, no hope.

Magic here, Magic there. Magic and Miracles everywhere! Grab them!