Sacred Laughter, Sacred Tears: No “Pros” Required!

(Mike DePung — Post 312)

Many times, everyday people shy away from anything that has to do with the sacred; if fact, the sacred scares them. Why?

Many relegate the sacred to the “pros,” you know, priests and pastors and sachems and such. The rest of us have been convinced that we somehow don’t know how to handle sacred things. Not true of anything, as far as I’m concerned.

Let me qualify that. It’s not true of anything that would be truly sacred to me in a meaningful way. Anything to do with us spiritually that we cannot touch or do, then it’s not spiritual for us — well, at least for me.

I have eternal Spirit dwelling in me as Heart. Because of that, I have direct link and access to the great Spirit, God, if you choose that terminology which is great, or the Universe. The Spirit who is in all, who moves throughout all, who has woven and set in motion this whole Universe — the Spirit is always there with infinite resources — limitless — and all I need to do is to offer those vibrational, life energy matches through the mediation of my own Heart to find the magic and secrets of life I need in any given moment. That, my friend, is awesome, and that is the essence of what sacred is.

Those sacred vibrations of life energy carry me into understanding, joy, comfort, love — the list is endless and includes all the mysteries of spiritual and material life. And I don’t need a special building, place, time, or company to offer these vibrations. Anytime I offer vibrations of life with a specific end, purpose, or goal, it is a sacred request I expect to be fulfilled. Sacred — highly valued, significant, reserved for special purposes; not meant to be used in a casual, insignificant way. Anytime my mind and soul perceive, desire link with the Spirit, that is not an insignificant moment; it’s a moment the Spirit through Heart values greatly. There’s nothing casual about it, yet this facet of sacred can be engaged and experienced daily.

I explain the above because the last two days, I did not expect to write about sacred laughter and sacred tears. I didn’t think of it and orchestrate it in my mind. It came to me as I sat in fellowship with my Heart, writing the thoughts. The term sacred laughter emerged the first night, and as I wrote last night I was thinking about my aunt’s funeral. I wrote about the tears, and I realized that the idea of tears in very specific contexts was also significant — hence, sacred tears.

And I will be honest here, especially as I have sought to let you into my thoughts and world throughout these months. I’m tired, exhausted. I shed sacred tears today, and I shared sacred laughter. I gave the eulogy not too many hours ago at my aunt’s funeral. She was the last of seven siblings, my father having been the oldest. Now, my cousins and I are officially the eldest generation because all the spouses have passed on, too.

So, I spoke and we cried those sacred tears. We laughed sacred laughs at some of the memories, and at the big celebration meal afterwards, we cried and laughed some more. I valued today and will treasure the memory.

Sacred laughter arises from seeing the beauty of life that Heart-vision gives us, the genius of creations of people, the essence of people, the beauty of life and the Universe, the love of the Spirit, the love of humanity, special memories and relationships — all of that and more can evoke sacred laughter. The beauty, significance, and wonder of that is amplified when I consider all these things may also evoke sacred tears.

Each chuckle, guffaw, or snort of sacred laughter says, “Isn’t that so amazing? It’s just so amazing it shocks me with joy, an exploding joy that makes me laugh.” And each tear of sacred tears says, “I feel this so deeply, recognize the depths of Spirit in this world and my relationship with it, that this great sympathy and empathy wring each tear straight from my soul — “ each breath and sound of laughter and each tear filled with Heart-insight, understanding, love. Sacred.

Yes, we laugh and cry other times about other things, less significant things, but sometimes, these common, everyday expressions and behaviors become sacred when they are a direct result of our connection to eternal Spirit, when we are vibrating at a level that resonates with Spirit at specific frequencies in our mind, soul, and Heart. Such times are not planned at some church service hour; they are spontaneous when we are walking in the Fellowship of the Heart!

As I think about my experience today, I see another instance where making a conscious choice for Heart as our soul-mind operating system makes all the difference — perhaps the difference between tears of bitter, unending, unresolved anguish or hatred or guilt or blame and Sacred Tears; perhaps the difference between laughs of disgust, derision, deflection of painful emotions and Sacred Laughter.

Yes, I think you or I have all the credentials we need to conduct sacred practices for ourselves. We have Heart, a piece of the eternal Spirit of all housed in these bodies. Eternal Awesomeness of Sacred Lives.

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