Seasoned with Love: 6 Questions to Help Restore Positivity to Daily Life

(Mike DePung — Post 35)

Have you ever heard a cook, usually a mom, say that some special dish that she makes is so great because the secret ingredient is love? I believe it. The energy with which we enter into any task is infused into that product, as far as I’m concerned. I think that is why great works of artistic expression in any field are that step above the average. The originals are just that because of the personal energy imbued in the works of Vincent, Mozart, Whitman, or any of thousands of other creatives: their works are an expression of them, their core Self, and expression of Self is done in positivity, in love.

Others can sense that energy, distinguish it in the work. And that is true of the work and interactions which we engage in every day. Are we doing whatever we are doing because we believe we should be and because it is an expression of Self? If not, the energy is going to be negative in varying degrees, and that sort of energy repels people or creates crap work. I delight in seeing people really good in their jobs or activities. It gives me confidence in them, their products, or their services. It makes me smile and appreciate them. Now, that doesn’t mean that we are living our ultimate purpose every minute, but if we are headed that way, we can emit positive energy.

Hey, I know we are not perfect and not happy with everything that we have to do. I also know that if we persist in emitting negative energy that it will influence and characterize our work and our relationships. Why would we want that? Oh, yeah, it’s that ego thing again. I agree with Paulo Coelho who said, “When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It’s very simple.” And I might add, it’s very attractive. It garners attention. It gives joy. It creates momentum, more enthusiasm.

So, the next time you find yourself feeling really negative about whatever it is you are doing in the course of a day, feeling sour, angry, disengaged — whatever — why not get to the root of it? I could suggest hundreds of things that others have, and I think it might be good to brainstorm things that could help us, personally: music, exercise, affirmations, etc. I am, however, just suggesting evaluating what the transmission source is of the negative energy, because it usually has to do with the frustration of not living our core self.

A few questions for us to consider might be these:

  1. Wait, why am I acting like this?

2. What am I feeling right now? (Many people stop here and stay negative because their ego tells them they have a right to feel this way. Fine, but this stops all progress, and you are not living your true self.)

3. How is that expressing Self? Oh, it’s not? Then, why not?

4. Address the heart directly: How can I live us, put us, put our identity, passions, and purpose into this?

5. How is this related to my vision and mission, and if this is related in some way, why can’t I act positively?

6. If I realize my ego is causing this internal conflict that is spilling out into life and contaminating all around me with negativity, then why don’t I just say “Shut the hell up, ego”?

I’m not sure this would take care of all contingencies, but I do know that if these questions can’t be answered, then you probably need to learn who You really are and what you wish to create. And then, let’s get about the business of seasoning our lives with positive energy, ultimately seasoning all we do with love for ourselves and the world. Just like my mom’s fried chicken, people will eat it up.

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