Signed Up for the Fellowship of the Heart Assurance Policy Yet?: Here Are the Benefits!

(Mike DePung — Post 181)

Know what? If we choose Heart as the primary filter and processor of our lives, there is a benefits list that comes along with the choice. It’s like insurance policy benefits, only it’s an assurance policy — (if you happen to be from Great Britain, I believe this is equivalent to life insurance, so maybe my point won’t be so significant to you!).

Yes, the benefits of assurances which flow from following my heart have been life-altering, joy-producing, and perseverance-generating — not to mention the love and peace which flow daily from knowing Self. These are the assurances that I have as I follow and fellowship with my own heart. Love and peace are the best assurances which depend on the individual and are known by the individual. There are no assurances, no guarantees about the way anyone else responds to…to what?

To this: I have heard my own heart, that deepest mystery of who I am, speak to my conscious mind. For years, I responded to my heart; however, it was at a weaker, more subconscious level. When I sought a new direction four years ago, I called out for a new sense of purpose; I heard those whispers become more vocal, more direct, within my mind. No, not some sort of mental condition, but as I said, a mystery. But then what?

People like me learn to hear their hearts, spend time with themselves, and fellowship with their hearts. A consequence of the fellowship of the heart is developing a life purpose. I had been a teacher for years, and now I came to understand I would be branching out. I understood what I loved about teaching was discovering for myself and seeing students discover not only knowledge but also themselves. “Yes, discovery, I am Discovery,” but what did that mean?

It meant that I would make ways to express the nature of discovery. How? Spending time in fellowship with my heart and hearing the question over and over again — one that was on the surface difficult to answer — finally produced peace. “Write, I’m a writer,” just erupted in my conscious mind and escaped my lips in an excited whisper. After all, it was writing that led me to teaching! How would I carry this out, though?

Develop a vision and mission consistent with that purpose. That’s another assurance. We will not rest until we create a life purpose. We don’t have to wait for it to drop down from above or to smack us in the back of the head. It’s there, in us, to create in real life. And when we know our own heart, know our core Self, and fellowship with Heart as we make decisions, we DO NOT make mistakes — another assurance. We can, however, evolve and refine our purpose.

Such people also continually grow and evolve in the Spirit of creation, yielding a collaboration, a co-creation of Self and Spirit. We are not in this alone. Heart mediates with Spirit, our access to all the blessings of the Universe. And one of those blessings is one another — amazing, wonderful blessings.

Other benefits? Those in the fellowship of the heart are so focused and intent on carrying out our mission that Ego is minimized and used effectively to help us know when we must push through comfort zones so we can keep developing and expressing core Self.

Why would we want to do that? Because we are driven by love, because our heart knows the purposes of the Spirit are founded on love, and love of core Self and all that implies translates directly to love for others. Without Heart knowledge, which leads us to know and love core Self, no love will be shown to the world; the Purpose of living our Heart is to love the World.

Ego wants to be in an all-consuming love of the lower, physical self and only focused on comfort and convenience, safety and security of these physical bodies. Heart considers us holistically. Ego establishes an identity that is vague, unsatisfying and always vying for attention, which is why the mass of people have such difficulty in knowing who they really are and what their purpose on this earth is. Just ask someone and see their response.

We who know our hearts work hard out of a holistic love to develop and express the core, complete, spiritual Self and to love others through sharing our gift of Self with them. We engage with life, no matter where others are in their journey. We don’t say, “See me; acknowledge my feats.”

We in the fellowship of the heart can say through our actions, “Here is our gift. This is who we are. This is the way I show my love for you.” No accolades required.

These are the assurances of the fellowship of the heart: the sense of Self in relation to all others and the Universe: the sense of purpose in choosing to be here; the sense of balanced and real relationships; the sense of satisfaction, significance, and fulfillment in living personal truth and identity; the sense of fellowship and joy in working with others; the sense of peace and love and wholeness. Pretty awesome assurances!

One last thing I would like to share personally, tonight: I can be rather intense in my writing because I am so focused on my purpose. However, because of the assurances I have listed, I enjoy life. I laugh, a lot, and I cause others to laugh. I enjoy a brew or two with my friends. I love to play games and watch some sports. Sometimes, I may confuse my readers because I take a light-hearted, playable tone in some of my articles. I’m free to do so.

And maybe that’s the most significant assurance: I’m free. Are you?