Spiritual Awakening: a Helpful Framework

(Mike DePung — Post 255)

Enthralling! Mesmerizing! Jubilant! No, I’m not just making a list of interjectory adjectives! When I think of who we really are and what we are capable of, it’s overwhelming, delightfully, deliciously overwhelming.

We chose to come here in physical bodies, bearing within us a part and parcel of eternal Spirit. That part is representative, essence, substance of the whole. But do you know the beauty of it?

Once me, my whole being, becomes physical form, that part of eternal Spirit is changed by this experience, colored, seasoned, flavored, designed in a unique, eternally unique way. And when this life energy returns to the eternal state, there will be a part of that energy field that bears my distinct energy signature; it will be me!

Yeah, that’s exciting, but think of the power we have here, expressing eternity in our mortal bodies. Discovering this is why we came here. Proof? This is where those big questions come from. We want to know origins, reasons, rationale (not rationalization). Delight. That’s my word of the day. I delight in this knowledge.

Beyond that, once I came to a fuller knowledge of this, I started experiencing it, living it, on a day to day basis. Does it mean perfection? No. Does it mean no more pain, fear, doubt, challenges? No. It means I can go through all that with direct access to the Universe and all the energies of life revealed in a multitude of ways.

How do we realize these, come into the good of these? Well, glad you asked that question, at least that you read the question. And again, I will share my experience and offer a part of the framework of the Grand Unified Theory of Humanity. I have no idea how it might work for another individual; I know, though, everyone, once connecting with Heart, will grow into and live this facet of awakening — if they choose to engage in the fellowship of the Heart, or whatever they may call this dynamic.

I decided I needed to tease out the information from last night’s article, and this is it. When I came to know self, I understood and knew it implied Purpose. I determined, through the deliberations in the conversation with my own Heart, that I would write. The overall Purpose, though, was bound in the bigger picture of who I knew I was as Spirit, as Heart: Discovery. That is the name of Heart, of that part of eternal Spirit I bear in this mortal body. I chose it. It worked. I would be about helping others discover as I continue to discover.

Since it all happened for me as I spoke with my Heart, I chose that my vision for how I would express Discovery would be through communications — writing, primarily, but also speaking and working with individuals, most of that associated with my writing. And I love it! Delighted with it!

Challenges, hardships, struggles both internal and external are all part of the journey. My journey in creating my vision. This journey needs further elaboration, and I plan on dealing with that tomorrow. Developing journey creates wonderful blessings for the creator and those who receive the results of the creation. As I said, delightful!

I have shared aspects of awakening I have known that provide a framework that I think are part of anyone’s experience— maybe not in the same order, time frame, circumstances, or any other way.


Rising self-awareness in response to Heart’s urging — sometimes gentle whispers, sometimes screaming — that brings one to the questions: Who am I? What is my purpose, my reason, in being here?

Relationship with Heart, core Self

When one knows those are the questions, Heart must be asked these directly. Heart answers, and we better listen, or we fall into the same cycle only to end up at the same questions.

Identity of core Self — maybe a new name (highly suggested)

When we get that answer, come to that awakening of knowing we have Heart, eternal Spirit in this body, when we begin the possibly vague recognition that Heart stands in contrast to Ego, then, we know Self. Name the character and essence of that core Self, maybe then, maybe later, but keep speaking to Heart. Do not allow Ego to redirect, to rationalize, or to discourage.

Co-creation of Purpose

Now, make a decision. What do you want your life to be about? How do you want to express your core Self as an expression of the love of the Universe to our world? I knew my Purpose would be related directly to my new name of Discovery. How would I live Discovery?

Co-creation of Vision

Now we are in the fellowship of the Heart. We go through that process of bringing our experience, talents, passions, dreams, interests, curiosities — bring it all to Heart and co-create that vision. For me, writing and communications.

Now, we are set up to continue the journey. By the way, none of the above are done deals, necessarily. Discover anything delightful from this?!