Stay Focused, Stay Happy: Create a Mission!

(Mike DePung — Post 339)

Another element of awakening to Heart may be helpful to many. I know it is to me. So, here are my thoughts and offerings on this. By the way, I know whole books have been written on creating mission statements. They may contain some helpful ideas, but if they are based in Ego, they aren’t very useful in a mission for anyone awakened to core Self, Heart.


Somewhere in the journey, we will want to add some definition to the Vision, and that definition may come in the form of developing a Mission.

Mission statements help clarify how our Purpose will be expressed and how our Vision may end up looking to the rest of the world. Again, these elements of awakening produce a wholeness of expression of an individual in this world, i.e., all of these intertwine and relate directly to one another in a Heart-energized, Heart-centered, and Heart-operated life.

Our Mission reveals the character of core Self as it will be lived in this world. This is a commitment to personal truth that expresses what we will be about, at any cost and at any time. It will tell not only others but also, perhaps more importantly, us what our efforts and resources will be directed towards. Therefore, my mission statement should contain those elements of who I am, why I am here, and what I’m going to be doing.

I believe that Missions are fluid and will be tweaked as we grow or accomplish goals. I had an earlier version of my mission, which read like this: “I love to discover; I love to help others discover. Discovery of core Self, life Purpose, Vision, and Mission marshals intellect, insight, and creativity. This sort of discovery answers those big life questions: Who am I? Why am I here? We gain a sense of significance, unity, and love. And much more. Through my writing, speaking, and workshops, I help others discover along with me.”

I decided I wanted to simplify, so more recently my statement has been adjusted: “I am a discoverer who seeks to help others discover Self and live in joy, fulfillment, and significance, which positively affects all. Therefore, I am a purveyor of light and love that leads to discovery through my writing and speaking.” It’s twenty five words shorter and not saddled with such solid specifics.

Hey, don’t worry about right or wrong or if you followed a formula. Your Heart, and your Heart alone, determines what is right for you. Remember, it is a fellowship with your own Heart, so keep it there. Ego opinions of your own or others are not needed.

I want to share a summary illustrating the sacred connections in these elements of awakening. 1. Awakening to and awareness of core Self; realization that Heart within us is eternal Spirit; therefore, I am. 2. Purpose — I am Discovery (or whatever new name characterizes your Purpose.) 3. Vision — I am Discovery through envisioning and visualizing myself as a writer and speaker. 4. Mission — I am…whatever your statement may end up being.

It is all about awakening to core Self and then living with Heart as our primary operating system in this complex of us as a human being. Mission statements make that clearer most of the time; however, these might be developed at different times in life experience.

Some questions to help develop a personal mission statement, which should precede a business mission statement in one who has awakened to core Self. If we don’t have down in our own minds what we are all about, what our personal truth is, Ego will have an opening for pulling us back to the status quo of what society and business says is acceptable. They come second. So, here are some things to think about:

How do we want core Self, Heart identity, to be known?

What will you do in terms of action? (Not specifics here but characteristic things — like writing and speaking for me.)

How will you relate to others as your Vision is realized?

How do you want to feel or how do you feel when engaged in your Mission?

What might be consequences, outcomes, of carrying out the Mission?

How might someone describe you from your Mission statement or idea, and is that how you want to be viewed?

I hope this helps you, because this is exciting stuff. We get to choose how we look; we get to create the portrait. Next, we will deal with goals, which take us to the brush strokes of the portrait.

By the way, Mission statements do not need to be published for anyone else, necessarily. They are meant to help us maintain a clear, concentrated, unrelenting focus on Heart-living, a focus that produces action which attracts the vibrational matches, the frequencies of the energies of life. They produce manifestation; they work magic and miracles — a pretty good reason to have a Mission to keep us straight.