Step 10 of G.U.T.H: Love and Acceptance — Feels Pretty Good!

(Mike DePung — Post 286)

Confession: Last night I didn’t even label my article as Step 9. It was! In that stage of awakening, it helps so much to allow and receive blessing, goodness, and positive life energy while releasing anything not serving our life Purpose and Vision.

Confession: When I started this series, I envisioned 12 steps. Yeah, I tend to see fine gradations of almost anything I think about, but those are generally only useful to me. I didn’t think two of my ideas merited individual treatment, so those two concepts I didn’t treat individually are rolled into two other steps. Okay, I guess confession is good for the soul!

Tonight, I have some questions. What happens to the “mass of [people] who lead lives of quiet desperation,” resign themselves to mediocrity, or who, for various reasons, reject this process of awakening, who refuse to hear their own Heart-Spirit? They suffer a wide array of difficulties, tragedies, and misery; in fact, in my experience, observations, and research, most of the so-called ills of society and humanity rest on neglecting or rejecting awakening, which is one reason I have called this the Grand Unified Theory of Humanity (G.U.T.H.).

Who are among the most miserable? Those who ignore, inure, or convince themselves that self-awakening is not possible, that it is some inconsequential philosophy and has no bearing on real, everyday life — these resign themselves to lives of mediocrity, lives of un-lived dreams, lives of “almost but not quite,” lives of discontent, anger, blame, hatred, fear, victimization.

Or, even worse in my opinion, are those who go all in on Ego and purposefully cause all those negative things to those who have simply defaulted to Ego, those who are the victimizers in life. Either extreme needs Ego to supply rationalizations and justifications, so much so that they either disregard Heart or allow the energies and impulses of Heart to fade.

Does one side have merit over the other? Is one right or one wrong? Are my beliefs and philosophy right over either of them? No, it’s not a matter of right or wrong. It’s a matter of choice and degree of consequences. It’s a matter of choice to engage in the miracles, magic, and wonders of life or to live in some degree of emptiness, misery, gluttonous joy, or whatever. And maybe that’s exactly why some folks came here, but they have Heart, and Heart would want us to experience the best. Our choice, though.

What are my feelings about those who have not awakened to Self, victims or victimizers? The exact same way I feel about those who are in the Fellowship of the Heart: Love. Acceptance. I love them and accept them. This is Step 10: Love and Acceptance.

Love emanates from Heart-Spirit. We learn to love the most unlovely and difficult one: ourselves. Without loving and accepting we are Spirit at our core, that we are eternal at our core, that we have access to often unimagined powers, that we have the ability to know unity within Self and throughout this Universe — without that knowledge and experience, we shortchange core Self, Heart, which means the greatest sadness is we don’t enjoy fulness, significance, and love — all this existence has to offer.

No matter what personality a person who has awakened to core Self has, no matter how surly or quirky or ignorant or pleasant or brilliant — no limit of personalities — everyone who has come to know Self and seeks to live, process, and filter life through Heart will know that underneath it all, the primary emotion, the main drive, is Love.

And love drives us to acceptance. We engage in love relationships — every one — because we understand and appreciate the other, whether parts of ourselves or others. This means we accept enough to commit to love.

So, when we who are awakened live Purpose, Vision, and Mission and work in flow on a daily basis to achieve our Goals to make Self known, we do it based on love for this Universe and its inhabitants. We do it based on our personal fellowship with our own Heart, and in Unity with others in The Fellowship of the Heart.

My purpose is to help others discover these things, to help them consider the possibilities of eternity held in their own Heart, possibilities that can be realized here and now. When each of us, no matter what our purpose is, seek those possibilities of eternity in this illusion of time, we are permeated with Love. We accept our own personal truth, and we live it out of love for all.

Blessings to you as you consider the Grand Unified Theory of Humanity and the joy of The Fellowship of the Heart!