The Unalterable Foundation of Sturdy Souls and Full Lives

(Mike DePung — Post 248)

How does knowing self affect life, the lives of individuals, of society, of the world? Is it really that important? Life goes on, even though the majority of people would not be able to answer the question, “Who are you, really, as core Self?”

Therefore, if individuals work, have relationships, and enjoy some things sometimes, what difference does it make? If society continues, cities build community centers, and governments govern, what difference does it make?

Have you looked at the rates of mental health problems in the United States alone? Do you know that about 25% of the population suffers from some form of mental illness (CDC Mental Illness Surveillance, Dec. 2, 2013)? Oh, that may not mean much to some, but how does the figure of over $300 billion sound for the economic impact of these illnesses (CDC Mental Illness Surveillance, Dec. 2, 2013)? Yes, life goes on, but what is the quality of that life? Ask people you know, if it’s not pushing things, if they are happy with their life. Anytime you hear a “but” or an “except” or any word like those, it counts as a No.

What is my point? If the foundation is not solid, not built according to engineering plans, then the whole damn structure is weak or ineffective or unsatisfactory or substandard in some way. Think about the natural disasters we experience, most recently Hurricane Matthew. Even though it was super costly and destructive in the United States, how much more was it in someplace like Haiti? A lot. Know why, in part? Structures in third world nations are not well built; they lack foundations. You know what? People still live in them and life goes on, but it doesn’t mean it’s the way it should be.

I have known people in the road building industry. I don’t know if it’s still the same, but years ago, if a roadway was built by a contractor and if state or federal inspectors found that the grade was off by more than one-quarter of an inch from the specifications, the road would have to be torn up and redone. Pretty damn costly to a company.

I have also watched several commercial buildings being constructed kind of up close and personal over the last few years. For a three story building, I watched a fifty foot foundation excavation being dug and the concrete being poured. It looks like rough, crude work from a distance, but it is meticulous. Nothing can be off. In a commercial building, structural steel sits on top of that concrete, steel that forms the basis of floors, walls, windows, emergency systems, everything. That foundation cannot deviate from specifications.

Now, what is my deeper point? We come with specifications. We need to have a foundation on which to build and a structure that can withstand whatever blasts against it. We come into this realm of time and space from eternal energy because somewhere, somehow we want to experience life in mortal bodies. We come with a core Self, made up of eternal energy, life energy, and we emerge here to discover that.

The foundation discovery of core Self provides the basis of all the positive aspects of humanity, things we live for. Life can go on and does for very many, too many, without knowing this deepest Self, but when that happens, all the personal mental and emotional ills accompany that lack. Then, it expands, not in slowly fading ripples, but in tsunami-strength waves, undermining society and governments. Any doubt about that should be laid to rest if anyone examines the current American presidential campaign, not to mention all the other campaigns for hundreds of other offices — like I said, reflections of mental and emotional illnesses.

I have spent much more space on this than I thought I would, but the thoughts kept flowing. Obviously, I want my thoughts to be clear, but I want them to be more than that. This morning I wrote this: “I want to write so that each word, phrase, clause, sentence oozes with the energies of eternity: love, compassion, empathy, wisdom, power — words infused with these, juiced up and oozing with these. And then, the readers can squeeze the words, wring out what they need. This is my Heart and the care I put into my work. Now, that doesn’t guarantee great writing, but it does guarantee that the expression of core Self is being executed honestly, enthusiastically, willingly.”

And there my foundation is showing. Life energy, the energies of eternity, can only be fully expressed when we know core Self. That allows us to create our own purpose, design our own fate, and live out our purpose while we are here.

This is the beginning, these thoughts, these sentiments, of my idea of the Grand Unified Theory of Humanity in the ebook I’m writing. It is such because on this foundation rests all of human experience and constructs as social creatures. Indeed, I want my readers to be able to wring out any usefulness they can from my words, because I care, because I love, because it’s part of the expression of my core Self.

Blessings — multiple, deep, foundational blessings!