The Wonder of a Child’s Heart: the Kingdom of God

(Mike DePung — Post 44)

Think Christmas morning. No, think way beyond that. Think children seeing the gifts. No, more than that. Think that all those shiny gifts have been opened and the bright, smiling eyes spy the big, wet, fluffy flakes outside the window quickly piling up on the lawn, the sidewalk, and the street. Outside! Bouncing up and down. Tongues sticking out through an otherworldly smile. Yes, think of that!

Now, if you would, think of this: “…the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Mark 10:14 NASB). Little children, that is. Much is made about the children being humble, but I think the facet of humility that is portrayed as some false modesty is one of those molds that religion forces people to fit. The humility has to do with the characteristics of a child filled with child qualities of being in wonder and awe at the thought of this magnificent Universe through which the Spirit moves. A child, deep down inside in the very depths of the heart that connects with Spirit, simply rejoices, not thinking of self as being anything other than at one with IT all. That is humility, the knowledge that all is working together for good, and the egoic self doesn’t get a place of preeminence. “Look at the snow! Look! I caught a flake on my tongue! Isn’t it beautiful!”

Yes, it was just this morning, with flakes — as a friend described — like potato chips. My puppies knew it, too, on our early morning walk. At one point, we all thrust our faces skyward in wonder. I felt it; I knew it — the abandoned joy. Same thing last night when I finally figured out how to get the Medium posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. Core self that exalts in all things working together for the good and right and love and peace — so much here — can result from any of hundreds of little daily events when we operate from the heart. No groveling for recognition, bitchy complaining for sympathy, no false humility to show how great one is — none of it plays when we follow the fellowship of our heart. Are we perfect? Lol!

So, next time we get yucky, let’s think about the snowflakes or the beach or our pets or even the genuine, unadulterated laughter of a little child. And then, smile, laugh, give thanks, and experience the kingdom of God.

“Recapture the childlike feelings of wide-eyed excitement, spontaneous appreciation, cutting loose, and being full of awe and wonder at this magnificent universe.” Thank you, Wayne Dyer.

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