We Are Not Alone — unless We Choose to Be: Connections!

(Mike DePung — Post II.112–17)

We are not alone. Oh, not alien-wise. I have no idea about that possibility. I’m referring to that sense of feeling like no one understands us, knows our circumstances, or cares. We are not alone.

Sometimes, I feel alone, very definitely; however, that soul emotion has been prompted by Ego. My core Self, the real me, Heart-me, knows that’s not true. I know this because we are a unity, one. We each have Heart, and that Heart is the essence of Spirit.

Ego has mastered splitting us off, singling us out from the collective. It’s a hurtful, destructive lie. Every time any of us feels that we are alone, we lose. We lose a little bit of self-confidence, a little bit of joy, a little bit of the reality of our existence here. But it’s not a permanent loss!

We are social creatures, and when we feel alone, that works against who and what we are as a human being. This is one of the reasons I like social media. We benefit and call for technology to enhance all areas of life, yet a growing contingency rails agains how antithetical social media is to our social nature. I get some of the argument, but to make sweeping generalizations in the face of contradictions means little — at least to me.

I get to connect with people who share their souls and minds with me every single day on social media. It’s encouraging and enlightening. Yes, I know sometimes it’s damn nice to have someone to be with in flesh and blood who desires to bless and be blessed; however, since I’m not around very many people on a day to day basis, I enjoy the social media connections.

I know myself fairly well, though, and I have a good handle on how we operate based on Ego or Heart. When I feel lonely or down, I work with Heart — not always immediately, calmly, or flawlessly — but I know I’ll be fine. Many people don’t, though, and when folks don’t connect with Heart, that loneliness can cause real damage.

You are not alone. I want you to know every day when I write, I’m thinking of readers, of the tribe I’m part of. Sometimes, I think of specific people who respond consistently to my work, maybe you. (If you just wondered if it’s You, it is!). I invest my soul and mind in my work because of love, because of fulness, because of joy and contentment in my Purpose, because it’s me.

I am aware that I write a lot. I know my writing at times could be revised another time or two, run through an editor, but I am alone (get it!). If I’m revising, getting others’ opinions for everything I produce, I will not get material out every day. I’m not blessing myself or anyone else on a regular basis. If I do that, I will become paralyzed by perfectionism. (This is my issue — not saying daily displays are for anyone else necessarily; that’s between You and your Heart! I know I have needed to publish daily up to this point. It won’t be forever, though!). You are in my soul, thoughts, and words when I write.

I thought of my old friend Walt Whitman and his epic poem “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry.” It carries this tangible, palpable sense of social, human connections, even when physical proximity or time is not possible. Yeah, it’s a bit of a mystery!

The whole poem portrays connections with those who are not personally acquainted, and, my friends, that is very real. He sees all the people on that ferry boat and extrapolates: “And you that shall cross from shore to shore years hence are more to me, and more in my meditations, than you might suppose” (Sec. 1). He expresses his affinity for them and the setting of the ferry and the city.

He makes the connection across time and space crystal clear: “It avails not, time or place — distance avails not, / I am with you, you men and women of a generation, or ever so many generations hence…” (Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, Sec. 3). And just as you in a real sense can see me, sense me here, I likewise do with you, because this is the expression of my gift and love. Walt understood this: “Consider, you who peruse me, whether I may not in unknown ways be looking upon you…” (Sec. 9). We each, in ways of Spirit and Heart, can look upon one another. No, we are not alone, if we do not want to be.

If you feel alone, abandoned, not appreciated, I’m saying please know when you read my words, I am with you, they are for you. We are connected, you and I, in this very act of writing and reading. Allow my words to smile at you, hug you, warm you, encourage you, because that is my energy to you.