Where Do Limitations Originate?: How to Overcome Those Conflicts

(Mike DePung — Post 268)

When we yearn for something, pursue it at any cost, and keep pressing forward, do we really believe we will gain our goal? I know the answer to that question. It’s yes, but with one condition: we cannot quit.

Plowing thoughtlessly ahead will not cut it, though. Our moving forward must be based on something greater than “I just won’t quit.” What? Yes, because we must have a conviction, one borne of the heart. Then, we won’t be doggedly hanging on without an end in sight.

When we have Heart vision, we won’t be sidetracked by Ego, and Ego is the biggest impediment to carrying through, even when we have solid conviction. You know how it works? Under a cloak of rationalization and feasibility and even spirituality.

Here’s a personal example. Sometimes when I am discourage due to lack of time and lack of finances, I honestly think about chucking the writing commitment. Only problem is the only one I’ve made a commitment to is myself, and it is a problem because I wouldn’t be letting anyone down except for me.

Do you know what I hear, the things brought to my mind and soul when I have not consciously engaged Heart? “Okay, let’s evaluate this logically. What in the hell have you accomplished for all this time you are putting in? Look at how few followers you have. You obviously don’t know how to use social media. Your friends rarely read your writing and don’t think much of it. Why would people who don’t know you? Just get a job so those close to you don’t think you’re worthless. You could make enough and just be home and do nothing or even write when you feel like it.” Enough of that.

How does Ego even have such statements to work with? I can tell you. I supplied them. How? The same way everyone does at some time or another. I put limitations on myself, limitations of belief in my own abilities and of faith in myself. I limit the workings of the Universe, the power of the Spirit, the interest and goodness of countless others, and ultimately, I limit the wisdom of my Heart. All of these are self-imposed limitations.

An Ego view might say these are good things to consider. When Heart, though, tells me in our daily fellowship, when maybe I hear nothing else except for “Write,” anything else is a betrayal, a betrayal of my own Heart. I need to understand the relative places Ego and Heart hold. The true me, my Heart, with whom I have co-created my Purpose and a vision, gives me peace, fulfillment, and significance. Ego creates conflict when we refuse to conform.

Humans don’t truly want ease. We want the things that make for a meaningful life, the things that create, share, and allow us to receive love. The only way we put Ego to rest is through that one action that overcomes our self-imposed limitations: faith.

This is what keeps us from quitting. This is what drives us forward. To maintain faith in our life Purpose and the vision we have created, we need to stay in close touch with our Heart. We need time in the fellowship of the Heart every single day. It’s a conscious choice.

Refusing to make that choice results in Ego making the option to quit on our vision sound rational and even spiritual — “It’s for the good of others. You’ll have more time and money to spend on your family.” So much shit. The choice must be for Heart, must be for faith in ourselves and the spiritual laws of the Universe and the goodness of the Spirit, all according to the energies of life with which we are created and endowed.

When we through Ego establish our own limitations, we do it because of faithlessness. We create our own massive internal conflicts. Nothing short of a daily assurance of Heart conviction will keep us from quitting on our really big life Purpose. Nothing short of the fellowship of the Heart will do.

Here’s to a week of living the truth of Heart purpose in faith and love!