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U R DONE Biatch!!!!!! Illegal is Illegal. Illegal immigrants or illegal aliens are breaking the law! Period! No Doubt! I now want to break the law. I will do anything and everything to break the law without regard. No Respect. Destruction. Who cares who pays for this. Who cares who is offended. Why do I need to follow the law at all. Phuck it!!! if people who aren’t even Legal USA Citizens can break the law and benefit Beyond normal USA Citizens rights and benefits, why should I do anything more? Worthless elected officials are allowing people who Hate Christians and USA Citizens to come into our Great Country and provide them with all kinds of financial support. WTF!!!!! We have people who are here Legally who need it much more than any of these people. Go Home. You can’t really fight in the USA for your rights. You need to go home and fight there. Create your own USA. WE DID.

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