We should all enter every issue with the very real possibility that we might be wrong this time.
The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb.
Sean Blanda

Of course, we should also constantly make room for the possibility that things are not and may not always have to be binary or zero-sum. You may hold a view very much in opposition to one I hold (you believe in a God, I do not). I don’t have to see you as being “wrong” about this, just as having a belief I do not share. The problem arises when one of us decides that agreeing about our “reality” is necessary. People who strongly believe that a marriage is a relationship that can only exist between a man and a woman are entitled to hold that belief as long as they feel no need to coerce others who do not share that belief. Again, many problems arise because our laws, customs and beliefs over time, although not everyone’s, not all at once or at the same time, and for some sometimes not at all.

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