Do you get what leadership is?

Searching for leadership.

Leadership is an important and necessary skill for achieving group performance. Think about this. How do people get to become leaders? I’ve seen a lot of times people get placed in leadership roles because they are good at what they do. A good carpenter gets put in charge of running a crew. A good machine operator gets put in charge of a production area.

They were good at the jobs they were doing so they got promoted. Too often people get promoted and pushed into the next level with no training and no support. What makes people agree to take on a leadership or supervisory position? For most people it is about the work. It is based around things like more money, more prestige, and more involvement. It is what they can gain by becoming a leader.

No one ever tells them about the things that they are going to lose. Before you step into a leadership role you should be ready to lose some luxuries. You lose the luxury of thinking mostly about yourself. You lose the ability to act on feeling rather than facts. You can no longer form opinions and make judgments based on only knowing one side of the facts. The luxury of not listing to others’ ideas are gone. And as a leader you no longer have the luxury of closing your eyes and walking away when things happen that just are not right.

Of course if people go into leadership roles and don’t lose these things they never really become effective leaders.

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