Starting My Own Design Studio

TL;DR: I just launched new design studio — D92, check it out here


I just released website for small studio I founded — called D92 Studio. It's something somewhat personal and also something I wanted to do for quite a while. This post will describe, what this means and what are my intentions with it for the future (something I'm still finding out).
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Meet D92 Studio

Independent design studio specialising in digital design & branding.

The Reason

One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to create a brand/label, that I can use and further develop for my work. I wanted something, that can represent me and that I can be working for years to come, until it makes sense to be something more.

I created D92, which is Independent Design Studio, that should help me to give my work more context and present my vision of graphic design and how it can help companies and products.

I had great reason to do such thing, even thought my I jumped to do this without much thought at first — I just really wanted to make something new, that I can work on and perfect over time.

The main reason was death of my grandpa in December, who was also graphic designer (and architect, industrial designer, writer and thousands other things). He was someone who influenced me ever since I started studying graphic design and just didn't want to leave his legacy untold.

D92 Studio is following the steps of D91 studio, that was founded by Arch. Jan Dolejš in 1991.

The Legacy

Arch. Jan Dolejš was born in Prague in 1936 and was self-taught drawer and painter. He later attended UMPRUM and after graduation worked as a Graphic Designer and Architect for many companies at that time — mainly Čedok, Prague Filharmic Orchestra and other profilic companies. He also worked on prints and brochures for famous EXPO 58.

Everything he learned in these fields has than been used in designing exhibition about Czechoslovakia all over the world and creating many brochures, posters, industrial designs and building for many years.

His work and opinions influenced me from my childhood, so starting D92 was both something I want to do for my future, but also place, where I can present what is my legacy and what my grandad did.

Jan Dolejš passed in December 2015 at age of 79.

Check the video slideshow of all his work, where you can see his creations and projects he was responsible all over his career. All from architecture to industrial design, graphic design, drawing and illustration, exhibitions and photography.

His work was never published online, so this was great opportunity to present his work somewhere.

You can also read more about him at


The name D92 started, when I founded out about D91 — design studio my grandad used to have and that I didn't know about before. The name is combination of name “Dolejš” and year when it was founded — 1991.

First thing that I thought about was D92, which is “one more” and it also has the same number as a year I was born — 1992. It's a simple concept, that might appear to easy to anyone, but it has all the emotions I wanted it to convey.

D91 was a multigenre design studio and was able to assist clients with in many design fields — something I want to do as well. Even though my work exists in different era and is created with different tools, I still see the same vision.

The brand

I decided to build the website first along with the logo.

I wanted to create something simple, that would be easily editable and I can change it up in the future. I choose #semplicestudio as base for of the website, since I already had good experience from building my own portfolio.

I also wanted to create the website for #May1stReboot, which was my deadline.

Here is the current homepage, that I was building over the last few weeks. The website should tell our vision, our legacy and what we want to do.

The Future

I don't expect this to be overnight success or something that will attract many clients, but I felt like having another side-project will teach me another thing or two on how to do built something from scratch and can be good fun.

Magic of this project is, that I'm not yet sure, where it will lead me — something I usually fear of.

Point of this studio is to find place for many of my print and branding projects as well as my other sideprojects — such as DEFQT — and continue to work on the brand over the time.


This was really still a really interesting thing I was able to work on and I learned a lot alongside the project.

Let me know your thoughts about the design, branding or anything and what parts would you change — everything is still work in progress.

— — — –

Thanks for your attention.
More coming soon!



P.S. I'm going to be on internship at Ableton in Berlin over the summer, so let's meet!