Self examination of breasts is crucial in maintaining health in women. The intent behind breast self examination is to not actually diagnose breast cancer, but to discover anything you feel as abnormal, such as a lump. Keep in mind that hormonal changes impact the dimensions of breasts and can cause them to become sensitive during the a menstrual cycle.

Conduct an examination on yourself, adopting the suggestions below, to assist yourself in detecting abnormalities.

Once Per Month

Adult females of every age are encouraged to do breast self exams at least one time a month. Forty percent of diagnosed breast cancers are recognized by females that are feeling a lump, therefore starting a normal breast self exam is vitally important. While mammograms are able to enable you to identify cancer before you are able to really feel a lump, breast self exams enable you to to be aware of the way your breasts feel and look so you are able to alert your healthcare professional if you can find some improvements. …

Michael Douek