7 Facts about Nav coin that you didn’t know & Why you should Invest in it

1. Nav coin is completely anonymous

Through the use of NavTech, the technology behind Nav coin, users can make safe and anonymous transactions in a matter of minutes with the use of subchains which break the connection between the sender and the receiver, making impossible for anyone to locate them!

2. Nav coin is completely Decentralized

NavTech technology allows navcoins servers to operate in trusted clusters and form their own private mesh network of processing servers, giving the ability to anyone to set up and run his own NavTech servers and of course earn fees for that!

3. Nav coins core Upgrades to the Bitcoin 0.13 source

That will give Nav coin even more potential since it will be able to be implemented on a vast list of services, like Hardware wallets which will provide navcoin holders more safety and protection over their assets! Nav coin team is already prepairing a wallet installment on one of the best hardware wallets on the market, Keepkey! Nav coin will also be able to collaborate with the greatest Credit- Debit card issuers and provide its community the ability to spend their Nav coins directly wherever they want!

4. Nav coin makes partnership with Changelly

This partnership will give birth to Navtech Polymorph, a standalone service that will work with Changellys API and gives Changellys users the ability to make Anonymous transactions with any of the 25+ listed Cryptocurrencies on Changelly! That fact will move the game over Nav coins side since users will have the option to send their money to anywhere and to anyone, on the cryptocyrencies of their liking, without the risk of being traced down!

5. Merchant Gateway

Nav coin has been added to CoinPayments merchant gateway, which allows merchants to to accept Nav coin to both Physical stores and Websites!

6. Anonymous Merchant Integration

Nav coins Anonymous Network integration with Merchant Gateway, will make Anonymous Purchasing of Products possible. That means that safety will take over on all purchases, since it will be impossible to trace the personal data of the buyer and steal his money!

7. Navtech Anonymous, Decentralized Applications ADapps

By enabling the implementation of Smart Contracts to Nav coin, will give the ability to build Anonymous Decentralized Apps! There is a whole new market around Dapps and the Anonymity that the Navcoin technology provides will give that extra boost.

Why invest in Nav coin? Lets look at the charts:

Nav coin starts its journey at 665 satoshis more than 3 years ago!

After a few months, much development and changes, it begins to follow a growth course with its peak at 4.4k satoshis:

After that Nav coin has a slow downtrend with many ups and downs and a variety of prices from lowest at around 500 satoshis and highest at around 2k satoshis:

And now it’s where it becomes interesting! At this stage Nav coins team makes amazing progress and one announcement follows the other, with the following result showing on the chart:

Nav coin exceeds $4.5 Million of daily volume and the price hits almost 12k satoshis!

In fact the chart of the last months shows to me a currency that is alive, with momentum and great growth potential!

And a message to all the possible investors out there: Invest your money only after good research, and that goes to all Zcash investors that have lost their money by investing them in a project that was so hyped, so overvalued and has so many issues that almost no one really uses it to make anonymous transactions…


Nav coins WebSite: http://navcoin.org/

Official Nav coin Forum: http://forum.navcoin.org/

Nav coins Slack Channel: https://navcoin-sign-up.herokuapp.com/

Nav coins Telegram Group: https://telegram.me/joinchat/COuj0kE7K01APpfZSq3i7Q