We’re currently in the midst of a new burgeoning industry with blockchain development.

Blockchain technology is very much in a nascent stage, however this disruptive technology has already managed to take the world by storm and has experienced a boom like no other in recent times.

With many well-funded projects now eager to build out their blockchain network and deploy decentralized applications on top of them, there’s a great shortage of capable, competent blockchain developers.

With billions having been funneled into this sector, the pay and demand for blockchain developers has escalated with projects bidding against each other to attract…

1) HyperLedger

HyperLedger is an open source collaborative effort between enterprise institutions and corporations to support the development of blockchain technology, to date Hyperledger has over 250 members including Accenture, Deloitte, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Huawei, Intel, IBM, Moscow Exchange, SAP, Samsung SDS, Xiaomi, Cisco, and more. HyperLedger’s goal is to form a consortium with the intention of supporting the development of enterprise-grade and cross-industry platforms to utilize open distributed ledger technology. Hyperledger can be thought of as an umbrella project that intends to supply the necessary framework, standards, and support necessary to build open sourced blockchains that become widely adopted.

Why might CryptoCurve lead the way for mass adoption of blockchain technology? Read on to find out!

In early 2018, many got caught up in the buzz of the ever-growing cryptocurrency market. From its humble beginnings in 2008 Bitcoin had risen to almost $20,000 USD; the rise was quick and greater than anyone could have ever anticipated.

The rapid ascent led to its eventual decline, which some deemed a “bubble”, I would not jump the gun so quickly. A fundamental problem with Bitcoin and many cryptocurrencies that have stunted their growth is a poor or non-existent “user experience”.

It is simply too difficult for non-tech users to understand and grasp how to buy, sell, and hold cryptoassets…

I’m no art connoisseur however I know a great blockchain use case when I see one.

Crypto Trading Art from /r/CryptoCurrency

Crypto skeptics like to argue that the cryptocurrency market is significantly overvalued as there is little real world use case or tangible value offered by crypto projects justifying the exuberant valuations.

Enthusiasts tend to counter with examples of people — in particular those who are impoverished — using crypto to wire money to their family based overseas to avoid exorbitant fees associated with payment services such as Western Union. There is also the example of Bitcoin being used as a store of value to hedge against extreme hyperinflation as was witnessed in countries such as Venezuela and Argentina.

Due to…

Despite South Korea’s ban on ICOs in late September of 2017, the crypto scene in Korea has not slowed down and has in fact blossomed into one of the biggest Asian blockchain and cryptocurrency hubs in the world.

Korean regulators and government officials have taken notice of this as rumors have spread of South Korea possibly lifting their ICO ban with The Korea Times also reporting financial regulators are planning to ease rules surrounding crypto-assets in line with G20 nations goal to establish “unified regulations [on crypto]”.

With South Korea responsible for 30% of the world’s cryptocurrency trading volume, despite…

iPhone X is the latest and greatest iPhone coming straight outta Apple…

As it stands in crypto we’re up to “Blockchain 3.0” now — if not 4.0!

Blockchain 1.0 was grandfathered by the big mack daddy Bitcoin when Satoshi Nakamoto released Bitcoin’s whitepaper in 2008 shortly after the iPhone 3G came out…

QuarkChain is one of the latest up and coming ICOs and has gathered a TON of momentum, hype, and interest behind it… and for good reason.

It’s attempting to solve one of the BIGGEST constraints that holds crypto and blockchain tech back from wider mainstream adoption.

And what’s that?


It’s the talk of the town and is what’s on every cryptoheads mind these days.

The likes of Zilliqa, Kadena, DFINITY, Thunder Token, Ethereum and even Bitcoin are ALL attempting to solve this problem.

So what exactly is scalability when it comes to crypto?

Well, you can think of it like the internet way back when internet speeds were as…

If you’re completely new to investing but you’re interested in cryptocurrencies, Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond is the book you NEED to read.

But let’s not fool ourselves.,,

Chances are you’d rather be entertained by internet memes and cat gifs than read a book and get schooled —at least that’s what the studies point to.

So, having your best interests at heart… I’ve gone and read the book for you extracted 10 of the best key takeaways to help you with your cryptocurrency investing goals of 2018.

The book has been split into 3 sections of…

Are you sick and tired of…

  • Repeatedly inputting the same KYC info over and over again?
  • Spamming refresh only to be met by blank 404 pages whilst registering for whitelists?
  • Or being told the public crowdsale has now been cancelled because the teams filled their hard cap through private presales?
  • And how about those narcissistic money grabbing founders who attempt to raise ludicrous amounts of money via dutch auctions after getting their community to slave away for them for free by doing tons of menial work?
  • Lest we forget, there’s also the Telegram porn spam when ICOs don’t quite go according to plan — (lol let’s…

Do you know who the major players are in the crypto space right now?

It’s the “WHALES” aka people with at LEAST several million dollars worth of cryptos in their possession, in “old school” financial terms these are the people known as “High Net Worth Individuals” (HNWI).

These HNWI’s are whales because whenever they make trades in the market they make huge waves due to the sheer volume they’re transacting with.

But who are these whales??

Well, they consist of the early adopters/hodlers of Bitcoin and other altcoins, Venture Capitalists, cryptocurrency hedge funds, investment bankers, and retail investors who got in early to trade or invest their way to millions.

What‘s most notable here…

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Crypto journalist, enthusiast, and advocate writing about the latest and greatest blockchain innovations.

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